Men’s Newsletter – November

Another month has whizzed by although it may be that I am writing this on time (at least that’s been the aim) rather than my usual lateness.  Paul and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to 2021 being a bit more normal! We have lived through lockdown 2 and from next week we can once again meet up in small groups and thanks to Caroline and the LIRFs we have a great list of training sessions to sign up for. I’m sure the LIRFs will reiterate we do need to maintain social distancing at training so please bear this in mind when you attend.

You may have seen Paul’s note about our new Pentathlon series of runs (although I think that’s 5 rather than 6 but who’s counting?). Paul tells me we have about 40 signed up so far but it would be good to have more of you involved.  The intention is to set up runs over various distances and locations there is a mile run at Abbey Fields, a (just under) 5 mile run in Bentley, a 10k ish off road run in Brightlingsea, Rodger has another trail run worked out and then a 5k probably in Colchester and a 10 mile race hopefully on Clacton Seafront. We want to keep our Bromley 10 miler in our pocket as we hope that we might be able to run this as a club event of some sort.  

We will put you into divisions so that there is an opportunity for more people to be fighting out for a podium position which we’ll look at when the entry time finishes. So if you haven’t done so already let Paul know if you’re interested in taking part, entry closes on the 4th December and racing starts on the 14th December with the last day to run being the 28th February.  We’re hoping that this is a little different to just doing a virtual run and has a number of distances for you all to do.  We’re looking at all the routes and will get details of the courses to you ahead of the start of racing.

I took ownership of a converted t shirt this weekend, the much anticipated “I ran them all” trail run shirts are in and being distributed.  The trail runs this year were a great distraction throughout lockdown and beyond, thanks as always to Rodger as always who has found some great routes around some beautiful countryside a lot of which I’ve not seen before. 

Coming up events are few and far between but if you like trail running Craig has a race on the 27th December his Layer Twixmas based on the last event this should be a great course, you can chose either 4 or 7 miles on the day. And on the 31st Essex Trail Events have this it’s £7 to enter with the start at Writtle College.

Frank Gardner recently celebrated a club milestone, he’s been a member for 20 years! Congratulations Frank, hopefully 20 more to come. I have to mention John Booty who ran the Paras 10 with his brothers and a “ringer” as they needed a fourth runner in the team. The team ran really well losing out to a team of Gurkhas, no disgrace there especially when you consider that they beat four of their other teams! John believes that the civilian prize is in the grasp when the actual event takes place in May.  Great stuff John (and team) excellent running. Also the Reach for the stars series has completed here is the final table congratulations to those of you who took part.  

Runner of the month this month goes to a guy who has run all of the Reach for the Stars rounds and improved his time in each run.  He chose the 5 mile distance and in his final run did a great time of 39:37 which is an improvement of 1:40 from his previous run, so well done Stephen Walsh you are November’s runner of the month.