Club Constitution

Great Bentley Running Club Constitution


  1.  TITLE

This body shall be called Great Bentley Running Club and hereafter termed The Club.



The objectives of The Club shall be:

  1. To promote the sport of running in the local community and to organise, arrange and participate in running events.
  2. To safeguard the rights and interests of members in accordance with guidelines laid down by the Committee and recommended athletic practice and to provide a social, safe and enjoyable running experience.
  3. To maintain a website promoting The Club



Great Bentley Running Club is a bona-fide amateur road running endurance club, affiliated to England Athletics.



Membership of The Club, at present, shall be available to any person 15 years of age or over, interested in The Club’s aims and objectives, subject to The Club rules.

Membership assumes you wish to be a First Claim member of The Club for Road Running, Cross Country and Trail Running. Those wishing to run for The Club as Second Claim must inform the Secretary at the time of their application for membership.


Running as Second Claim for another club is allowed in events where either, the organisers state second claim runners are allowed and The Club is not participating, or in a League in which The Club does not participate.  In either case, prior permission is required from the Committee of the The Club.


Members who wish to switch from First Claim to Second Claim for The Club must inform the Committee so that a special form can be sent to SE Region, EA for approval. Failure to comply may lead to the EA imposing a lengthy ban from competition on the athlete.


For events not covered by The Club in the list in the EA Rule Book, i.e. Track and Field; Race Walking; Fell & Hill Running, First Claim status with another club can be allowed prior to approval of EA.  In multisport events such as Triathlon, Duathlon etc, First Claim status with another club will also be allowed.



The Constitution and British Athletics Rules and Standards shall govern The Club.

The Constitution may only be altered or amended subject to a proposal for such an amendment being placed before an AGM and carried by a simple majority at that meeting.  A referendum shall then be held and a majority of 75 per cent of the votes cast shall be required to carry the amendment.

Such variations shall be effective from the date of their publication in The Club following their acceptance.

General Rules may only be introduced or amended by a proposal being placed before an AGM and being carried by a majority of 60% of the votes cast.  Such changes shall be effective from the date of that meeting.  No General Rule may contravene a Constitutional Rule.



The Club shall exist as a non-profit making organisation, other than for The Club’s benefit.

Any information or documentation produced by a Club Official in accordance with his or her terms of reference, at the time of instruction or within the terms of reference then applying, shall be deemed Club property.  A Club Official should hold a copy of such information as part of The Club’s archives.

Any general funds raised by The Club shall be distributed at the discretion of The Committee.   Fund raising for specific purposes may be undertaken at the discretion of the Committee.

  1.  ASSETS

The Committee shall be empowered to acquire through gift or purchase, assets relevant to the defined objectives of The Club. They shall hold, sell, loan or hire such assets as may be in the best interests of The Club. The conditions of such sales, loans or hiring shall be made in accordance with the instructions of the Club Committee.


  2. Retiring or resigning Club Officials shall relinquish their posts at the next meeting of The Club Committee following their decision. Club property and any financial accounts held by such an official should be returned to the Club Treasurer prior to the next Committee Meeting.  If the Official involved is the Club Treasurer then Club property and accounts shall be forwarded to another member of the Committee.
  3. Following the resignation of any Club Official, the Committee shall ask the membership for nominees for the vacant position.  If there is more than one nominee, a ballot will be held to select the new Official.


  2. Action to Disband – In the event of a motion for the dissolution of The Club being passed by an AGM or EGM, a referendum majority of 75 percent in favour of the motion shall be required before action is taken to comply.  
  3. Disposal of assets – If a dissolution motion is carried, The Committee shall be entrusted with the disposal of the assets and property of The Club.  In discharging this duty, it shall be incumbent upon the Committee to observe the spirit of The Club’s objectives and to ensure the preservation of any assets that were acquired.
  4. Disposal of Surplus Funds – Any monies remaining after disposal of all the assets and properties shall, after payments of outstanding debts, be distributed to charities.



Club coaches and athletes will abide by the rules and standards expected whilst representing The Club. Guidance and standards can be downloaded directly from the British Athletics Website:


The committee reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant, or retract the membership of any existing member should the need arise



The Committee, whose decision shall be deemed final, shall deal with any matter not provided for in the Constitution.