Great Bentley Trail Runs

Great Bentley Trail Runs are held mainly on public footpaths, fields, woods and some roads. There are also trail runs for the kids, none of which will include roads or traffic. A huge amount of time and effort is taken up by Rodger Alexander, who meticulously plans all of the courses, spending hours ‘recceing’ to make sure all of his instructions are correct. What a guy!

2022 Trail Run Champs are back!

This year series is starting in June.

Like in the previous two year 2022 GBRC Trail Run Champs will be run as virtual events. There will be 4 rounds, from June to September, distances to be advised.

DETAILS FOR R1 – Shrub End, Colchester – 6 Miles: 

Start address:
The trail run is approx. 6 miles and there are tow question for you to answer.
Current Instructions:
Instructions will be available in two file formats. Please check if all paragraphs are printed out. They are numbered so it’s easy to see if any are missing. If you still experience any problems with printing, please contact Tom at
For instruction in Google docs – please click here
For instruction in PDF – please click here


This is what you need to know / do if you want to take part:

* You must do all 4 rounds to count towards the GBRC championship.

* You will have 1 calendar month to do each round. You can do your run at anytime during the month (e.g. – the first round will be from 1st to 30th June).

* The instructions for each round will be posted on the GBRC website the night before the start date.

* Please be aware that there will be no clipper points or water stations, so take plenty of water with you!

* There will be a free t-shirt for all club members who complete all 4 rounds and a winners t-shirt for the male champ and female champ. Non members who complete all 4 rounds can purchase a t shirt at cost price.

* As there are no clipper points there will be a couple of questions on each run which you will need to answer, so remember to take along a pen or pencil.

* AT START: when you’re ready to start running you need to text START along with your FULL NAME to Rodger’s phone and let him know if you are MEMBER or NON-MEMBER

* AT FINISH: when you’ve finished the run, text FINISH to Rodger, along with the following information:

Please use your own phone to give the above information, so that Rodger can keep track of all the participants 

* If you have any questions, please ask.

R1 – 1st to 30th June – Colchester

R2 – 1st to 31st July – Ipswich

R3 – 1st to 31st August – TBC

R4 – 1st to 30th September – TBC

Additional information:

  1. Four races through the year with all four to count
  2. Everyone to score as individuals ( but can run together )
  3. Scoring: fastest time 100 pts; second fastest time 99 pts and so on
  4. Ladies and Men’s champs
  5. Each location TBC the day before each race
  6. T-shirt for anyone completing all 4 trail runs
T-shirt preview:

With reference to the t-shirts for 2022 non-members:
You can claim your t-shirt by private messaging Eric Shaw on Facebook, but please wait until the trail runs have all finished (from 1 October).
If you have any problems contacting Eric via Facebook please contact Rodger on 07881 951621

Tips for the Trail Runs :-

Do not follow runners in front of you– if they get lost you get lost!

If you do not like running on your own then try run in pairs–you can have one person reading the directions and the other looking for the landmarks. Any larger numbers and you can end up carrying passengers

Even if you know the area do not presume you know where to go–focus on the direction

Learn all the abbreviations before your run– this makes it a lot easier to read the directions and saves time

Fold the direction paperwork so you read one paragraph at a time–this is so you can see on you sheet exactly were you are. Each paragraph is approximately 1 mile.

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