Club Champs


The running club are keeping the same format for the 2020 club championships, as the last couple of years. The club champion for each distance will be the fastest person (or highest XC position) in each age group for an officially measured race between 13 November 2019 and 12 November 2020. If you have a time you wish to be considered, It will be down to YOU as an individual to notify Paul Davison or Sarah Fletcher via Facebook or send an email to .

The following distances are included :- 

5k, 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, half marathon, 15 mile, 20 mile, Marathon

Best XC position (only NESS XC races can be used for this category)

The age groups are as follows :- 

Women – Junior (15-17), Open (Up to 35), 35 – 39, 40 – 44, 45 – 49 and so on 

Men – Junior (15-17), Open (Up to 39), 40 – 44, 45 – 49 and so on 

The awards are always given out at the end of year Presentation night.  We will NOT be monitoring this for you – no time given to Eric, Paul or Sarah, no award!! 

Your age for the whole of the 2019/20 Club Champs will be your age as at 13 November 2019 to avoid you possibly being eligible for 2 age groups in one year.

We are looking for the club champion in each age group over all the distances and the best position at NESS XC league.  You can have as many attempts as you like – we will count your best time or position.

Please be aware of the following rules, which will be strictly adhered to :-

  1. You MUST notify the administrators of your times (including race name and date) within 30 days of the event. Failure to do so will result in that time not being registered. This is to prevent people ‘saving up’ their times for later in the year and then registering them.
  2. In order for a time to be registered for Club Champs, the person concerned MUST have worn a club vest for the event in question. This also applies for ‘second claim’ members of GBRC.

The spreadsheet for 2019/20 is now available below and shows the age categories for each club member as at 13 November 2019 along with the current best times and positions for each race distance (inc. cross country). Spreadsheet will be maintained by Paul Davison and Sarah Fletcher and will be updated periodically on the website.

Club Champs 2020 – Current standings

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