Performance Standards

To motivate and encourage members to compete in races and work to improve their times the club operates an awards scheme based on National Running Standards.

Any member of Great Bentley Running Club is eligible to achieve a club standard.  The aim of the standards is to give each runner, regardless of ability, the motivation and the focus to train for a specific goal.

Please be aware of the following rules, which will be strictly adhered to :-

Following results of the survey regarding standards in autumn last year, the committee will be introducing a new set of standards to replace the current Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond on the 1st April 2020 with the new club year.


These will be Star Awards ranging from 1-5 with new times for each award. Please see the performance standards below, with the new standards times and categories.


These times are based on WAVA/WMA age-grading. The broad and progressive nature of these times should encourage members to get on the 1st step of the ladder and gradually advance. Standards in this format should sufficiently capture performances of our runners.


There will be a couple of changes.

* Firstly, we are going paperless and all certificates will be sent via e-mail, although there will be provision made for any member that does not possess an e-mail account.

** Secondly, all awards must be applied for by notifying Eric at with the following details:

Date and place of race; age category and time achieved.

You will receive your certificate within 7 days via email.

A list of achievements will be given to the Chairman/Secretary on club nights to keep everyone up-to-date.


Also, if you require a printed copy of your standard you need to mention this to Eric at the point of the notification. Your printed standard will be given to you within next few weeks on our Wednesday sessions.

  1. It is your responsibilty to notify Eric Shaw, via email or Facebook, of your time (including race name and date). It must have been achieved on an officially timed and measured course.
  2. In order for a time to be registered for a club standard, the person concerned MUST have worn a club vest for the event in question. This also applies for ‘second claim’ members of GBRC.

Further information: