Micky Edwards Series

The annual Micky Edwards handicap series is for all members of  Great Bentley Running Club.

It is a series of five 5km runs, with the first race being used to register benchmark times for all competitors.  Times for the first race will be closely scrutinised and if necessary times will be adjusted – you know who you are!

Races are run over the club 5k championship course.   Races 2 to 5 comprise the series and to qualify for the overall series standings, you need to run at least 3 races.

Slower runners are set off first, with the fastest going off last.  Points are awarded in the order runners finish and at the end of the series the person with the most points wins.

Dates for the 2020 Micky Edwards series are as follows. 

  1. Wednesday 29 April-   Baseline race
  2. Wednesday 13 May – 1st handicap
  3. Wednesday 27 May – 2nd handicap
  4. Wednesday 10 June – 3rd handicap
  5. Wednesday 24 June – Final handicap
Due to Covid-19 the 2020 Micky Edwards series is ‘virtual’. Current standings after Race 3 – here
 You can find out more about Micky Edwards here.
Previous year’s results –