Men’s Newsletter October

I’ll start with my monthly apologies for the lateness of the newsletter, I need to become more organised like Mags but hey if the newsletters came out together you’d have nothing to read today! Its Sunday evening and lockdown two is in full swing it doesn’t feel quite as bad as March and you can exercise with one other person which is good news. I had a run with Paul C on Friday and we were reminiscing how great it felt as lockdown was starting to be lifted in the Spring and getting out for a run and a chat then so i would say if you get the chance to run with someone else please do so its definitely feels good. Please though make sure you keep safe and well during this period hopefully we’ll get out the other side soon.

It was virtual London marathon time at the start of the month and we had a couple of runners, the first one to mention is Tim Ballard, why just run 26.2 miles when you can do it up and down Balkerne Hill? Tim I salute you not only for thinking of doing this but absolutely smashing it – I don’t think anyone doubted that you would its one hell of an achievement. Talking of achievement Paul Healy started a couch to 5k adventure in 2019 and that has culminated in a virtual London Marathon time of 5:16 which adds up to quite a few 5k’s all in one go!

Paul Davison did the Roman River marathon in 3 hours and 38 minutes which is another astonishing time and in doing so bagged himself 2nd place. Charlie Keitch also did a trail marathon over at Hundon which looked hilly, muddy and certainly 26.2 miles, Charlie managed to bag 3rd place. He followed this up later in the month by running Stort 30 (I’m pretty sure when we did a training session in Wivenhoe he said I’m not really up for it I may go along just to do it cos its a race after all) – well he finished 8th in this race in 3hours and 56 minutes, I don’t know if that counts for just having a run?

Its good to see John Bush back out and running; I’ve seen John out at a few of the sessions in Wivenhoe recently and it seems that he has got the bug back. He ran the all hallows trail run with running buddy Bee over in Maldon at the end of the month in a great 2 hours and 7 minutes. Craig Mitchell put on a trail run over at Layer which saw David Wright take on the 10 miles, also doing the 10 were the team of 4 consisting of over chairmen Paul Carlisle and Rodger Alexander with Michael Simmons and I making up the numbers. It was a great run very scenic and if Craig has another I would certainly recommend it!

The trail run series results were also published and a tight finish saw Charlie Keitch and Chris Warren in joint first place only 3 points ahead of Tim Ballard. It was another great series so thanks to Rodger for all his hard work in getting these arranged – they certainly have given us all a reason to get out and run. Overall 35 men took part in the series which is an excellent turnout for those completing them all trail series t-shirts have been ordered.

Reach for the stars round 3 has also seen Tom Komorowski take 33 minutes off his marathon time and gain a 1 star club standard – well done Tom. Also trimming time off his 10k was Ben Myhill whose baseline for run 4 is now 48:10. Thanks to Mags for running the series November is the last month to table a time so make the most of it.

This is normally the part of the newsletter where VC Paul will outline the month ahead and signpost some races that you may be interested in. Unfortunately that cupboard is now bare but we are looking as a committee at what we can do to keep the challenges up and get something a bit different in the diary. Hopefully more news on this soon.

So runner of the month for October, I have mentioned him a lot in the look back above but for Paul and I one runner definitely stood out for us this month and that is Charlie Keitch. I must say this was one of the toughest decisions recently as there have been a number of amazing runs from you in October but a podium finish, a top ten and winner of the trail run series is a very tough series of results to ignore! So congratulations Charlie you are the runner for the month for October.