Ladies’ Newsletter – November

November was a very quiet month in terms of racing and training. It might appear that all is doom and gloom with lockdown number 2, hence I am thankful to those who played along with the Reach For The Stars and who submitted their stories under the November feed on Facebook making November a little bit more exciting. It feels better knowing there is still something going on in GBRC runner’s world, even if these are not necessarily all running related stories.

When it comes to ladies, we can read that Zoe Reynolds tried to run longer distances and in the process she discovered a new talent, as she ran 6 miles in a shape of Smaug – Middle Earth dragon – I’m sure Tolkien’s fans will find a resemblance 😉

The beautiful part of the Carlisle family – Lex and Willow did some paddle boarding and running with Sue Sorrell. In the process Lex discovered she likes coffee, a lot of it – She’s an extreme drinker now 😉

Lex and Willow working on different muscle parts

Fiona Gosling has a new health initiative. She does open water swimming for 20 minute and tops it up with runs to dry. Then coffee and biscuits. These are proper character-building activities and I bet that coffee and biscuits taste even better afterwards.

***4-legged cuteness alert below!***

Congratulations to Donna Harris for running 100 miles in November! From what I gather, it was her first in the “100 collection” and I’m sure there will be many more. Apparently, mister Harris accompanied her most of the time, but she is also very appreciative to a 4-legged ball of fluff – Pippa, who is assisted her every step of the way. Well done, ladies!

While mister Booty was running a virtual PARAS 10, Kim decided to join the challenge with a dog called Maddie. She mentioned that John decided one Paras 10 wasn’t enough for him and got to do round 2 with the backup pony – Bruno trying to outdo her. She got round in 02:17:00 with plenty of pit stops for water and grass for the pony. Well done, Kim it looks like you had a lot of fun there and caught the running bug again. Keep it that way.

Well done all!

It appears that Davina Swindell kept her beloved pet busy as well by walking and running with him a lot whilst working on the dissertation at the university. Good luck Davina. Hope all goes well. We can see Charlie is a happy and very lucky boy.

Reach For The Stars – the final scoring (including a general summary)

A total of 14 members took part in the November edition: 7 ladies and 7 gents.

Thank you to all who participated I realise how tough the past 4 months have been, and without our club routine it can be very challenging to keep a strong drive that helps us leave 4 walls and not only go for a run, but to run stronger than in the month before.

You can pat yourself (the safest way 😉) on a shoulder or two for staying motivated and determined to keep on running and fighting.

I think it would be a bit much to analyse the full scoring here. Therefore, please look at the below spreadsheet and see how we all did.

However, I would like to give a special mention to those who progressed on their chosen distances every month throughout the whole challenge:

Leoni Harvey started her 5k with 29:45 as baseline and she wins a 5k trophy for time 26:28, which means she improved by a whopping 3:17 on this distance and she scooped 1 star in September. I bet that 1 second of progress on the very last run gave her a massive satisfaction. She mentioned that she was coming back from injury and is now getting 5k times that she hasn’t got in 4 years and she plans to keep trying to chip away at it. Bravo Leoni!

Stephen Walsh started the challenge with 42:17 on 5 miles and he was given 3 stars right away there. This is incredibly hard to fight to reach for the fourth one. Stephen fought like a lion and improved by 2:40 but it wasn’t enough to get that extra star. However, it was enough to reach for a shiny new PB with 39:37! Amazing determination – Bravo!

Teresa Farmer is another superstar who chosen to work her way on the 10 miles distance, which she started with 01:50:23 and she received her 1st star there. I received 2 submissions from her proud husband-Colin. At the beginning of the month Teresa ran 10 miles in 01:46:18 but as of 29th November she proved to be able to run this distance in 01:45:12. She skimmed 5:11 from her baseline time! She continues to surprise us and goes from strength to strength. Incredible work Teresa.

Last but not least, Caroline Talbot who picked 15 miles with 02:46:17 as baseline, scooped 1st star in September and kept on progressing until she completed the challenge with 02:23:41. This means that she progressed on this distance by 22:36! Whaaaat?


Martin West started with 2 stars and added one star to his collection after running 10k in September

Inga Hayden-Cooper achieved sub 24 mark on 5k distance, which gives her 4 stars. This is her fastest 5k run this year. Smashing running, Inga!

Veronica Alexander and Sarah Greenham ran 10 miles together, and both started with 1 star and collected another star in September as well.

Mags Komorowska started the challenge with one star choosing a marathon distance and upgraded her collection to two stars in November.

My best regards go to Paul Connell who started baseline of 5 miles with time 31:12 and received 5 stars just at “hello”. That’s how much we saw from him 😉 No wonder – he scooped the whole galaxy with that one run there. Keep it that way Paul!

General standing
November results

GBRC virtual series

With the end of Reach For The Stars, our club has a new exciting virtual series on the planner.
As per our communication through email, you can read there will be a wide spread of distances to run and compete which offer opportunities to all. There will be 6 running events spread over between 14/12 and 28/02 and points will be awarded for each race and there will be a cumulative total. Please note that you have time to 4th December to let Paul Carlisle or Rodger Alexander know if you will be taking a part. Please refer to the communication you received in your inbox for more information.


Although not much happened in November we are now looking ahead and forward to December where we can resume training sessions for up to 5 participants per session. Please keep an eye on weekly Doodle Poll which is kindly set up and organised by Caroline Searle. I appreciate that some of us might have trouble receiving emails from GBRC inbox, so please note that Caroline sends these out on Thursday evenings  and I strongly advise you to check junk/spam folders as there might be a chance of our group emails to potentially land there. If problems with receiving emails from us is persistent, please let myself or Caroline know. Alternatively, you can email club at, which leads to Nick Goodman’s inbox (Membership Secretary).

Please be mindful of booking one session per person. However, Caroline will open a poll for votes if there is any session that has free spaces by Sunday. This way gives as fair opportunities to all as possible.

Also, it is hugely important to wear high vis outfits, preferably reflective, and head torches. Most sessions are in the dark and we need to make sure that safety is our priority. Keep safe and enjoy those sessions!

Who are we?

I am a huge fan of our next victim and I bet a lot of you are too. She is a genuine, down-to-earth, and super hilarious lady who shows an incredible fighter spirit. She made me love mud, which once upon a time I thought it was an impossible case 😉 Let’s hear from Anthea Colsell.

Anthea in Zakopane, Poland. Right before she tried a traditional highlanders’ tea “with a kick”.
Hint: it involves some spirit! Well, when in Poland…]

Age category: 40-44 🤔
Occupation: Groom and general sh*t shoveler for horses 🤣
How long have you been in GBRC for? Its coming up to 6 years of being a GBRC member!! Not sure where that time has gone, but I’ve enjoyed it. 
The silliest thing you did on a race: The biggest mistake I’ve made on a race is setting off way too fast!! And I definitely paid the price!! It was at the Stebbing 10, come mile 3 I had a stitch which I just couldn’t shift it until mile 7!!!  Certainly learnt my lesson after that! 
Favourite distance: I don’t really have a favourite distance, but the fact that x country is my favourite it has to be 5 miles for that reason alone 😊
Anyone who hasn’t tried it please do! You really can learn to love the mud 😊
Best achievement: I think my best achievement has to running London last year, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d do it, let alone coming in just over 4h5mins!!  Do I have the desire to try and go sub 4h!!! NO 🤣
What’s your ultimate running goal: My ultimate running goal would be to just to keep going, run the miles I want, when I want without any pressure. 
Favourite medal/t-shirt and what for: My favourite medal and T. Shirt without a doubt is the stour Valley marathon, it was a race I knew about before I ever even ran!! I use to think one day I might give it a go, Little did I know back then that I’d run it about 7 weeks after London 😊
Interests other than running:  When I’m not running all my spare time is taken up with horses, having a new young horse in the Colsell family takes up a lot of time, and riding for other people. 
Favourite & Worst events and why: There have been many events that I have really enjoyed over the years, but one of my favourites has to be our weekend to Poland!! With Mags, Tom and Kathy, plus a few from RC. I started off by saying I’d do a steady park run on Saturday and save myself for the half marathon on the Sunday, the weekend ended with me coming away with 2 pbs. 
Luckily I’ve not had many events iv not liked but the worst would have to be messing up the Stebbing 10 that time. 
Most challenging event and why: The most challenging event was definitely taking on the Yorkshire 3 peaks in 2018,the weather was horrendous, it pretty much rained for the whole time we were out, covering 26 miles in the wet and cold is something neither Tom or I will forget in a hurry! 
Most useful running information you can share: The only useful info I would give to someone else about running is.. 
Run when you want, it doesn’t matter how far or how fast, enjoy being out there, it’s free!! 
And if you find someone who runs at the same pace as you, make the most of going out with that person, enjoy today because no one knows what tomorrow will bring 😊

Exercise of the month – Standing IT band Stretch


Runner of the month

This month has not been any easier than others. We have had so little going on and when Sarah and I analysed the Reach For The Stars and we have decided to base our choice purely on this challenge.

We have seen amazing performances from our girls throughout the series and this decision could not be easy to make. Our runner of the month is a lady who improved time on the 5k distance by 3 minutes and 17 seconds. Reducing over 3 minutes on a 5k distance, especially when coming out from an injury is a massive task. Keep on thriving and enjoy all your future runs. Leoni Harvey – you are our Runner of the Month. Congratulations.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!