It seems that I’m a little late in the day again with the newsletter so apologies for that but I’m sure you don’t mind waiting a few days for the rambling of a madman! Once again your VC and my good mate Paul has helped with the content which really helps me out.  This month has seen a number of “virtual” events again including the running of our own Geoff Day memorial race.  It was fitting that Ryan should gain win the race with a cracking time of 16:51 it was also great to see that we had 25 male runners taking part – well done to you all.

We also ran the very popular Ekiden race which was run by the Ipswich Jaffa running club and required teams of 6 people to run various distances to make a marathon.  The Easier Said than Run team were the top GBRC team finishing the race in 3:07:30.  I ran this on a Sunday morning from Paul Carlisle’s house where myself and Paul ran 5k whilst Rodger Alexander ran 10k, whilst Paul and I were pretty happy with our times on what was a close and hot day we were both amazed with Rodger’s time.  Now if you think that people take it easy in virtual races they should have seen Rodger hammering it 4 times around the block in Thorrington, he collapsed in a heap at the end where he was fortunate to have friends like Paul and I who made sure he’s stopped his watch and recorded his time for him…….oh and we made sure that he was ok after we’d done that!

Thanks to Justine Sheekey for organising the teams never an easy task but everything seemed to go according to plan including the submission of results which Jaffa need to take some kudos for as some races have made this really hard work!

July has seen round two of the trail runs which is a brilliant course from Dedham taking you into Manningtree and Lawford with some superb views of the Essex countryside.  Rodger certainly knows how to plot a route through our beautiful county and plenty of you have bene taking up the challenge of doing these runs and get the bug for running off road more as a result.

The Vice Captains month ahead…

August is traditionally a quiet month for races, however when pretty much everything is cancelled it becomes a really quiet month!!

Rodgers trail run – Luckily, we have round 3 of the GBRC trail series to keep us amused during August. This time we head out to Ipswich for 5 ‘Rodger miles’ beginning on 7th August. The instructions and all of the important safety advice will be published on the GBRC website in the ‘Our Races’ section.

GBRC Sessions – Many thanks to Caroline for putting Doodle Polls together for us, to Darren Horner for sorting out Covid-19 Risk Assessment and to all leaders who have taken session groups upon themselves. I hope that most of you are aware that leaders/coaches can have up to 11 members in their groups and that there are multiple locations and types of training on the offer. Please refer to emails from Caroline that she sends on a weekly basis. What needs to be added is that on each session there is a verbal health questionnaire in compliance with track and trace guidelines set out by EA, please do not attend any of the sessions if you are showing any Covid-19 symptoms and remember your social distancing etiquette during the sessions.

Reach for the Stars – By now many of you will have seen the post on Facebook or emails about this. The objective is to choose a distance to focus on and endeavour to improve your time at this distance each month to earn some of Eric’s coveted virtual star awards, let’s all get out there and make sure we keep Eric nice and busy!!

Keep running and stay safe

So finally onto runner of the month, if you can picture the scene, Paul and Debs are social distanced in my garden for a BBQ, oh and some alcoholic beverage (it’s rude not to) at the end of July.  I ask Paul whether he had any thoughts for runner of the month for July and the answer was well have you seen what John Booty has been up to?  I must admit that I have taken a step away from Facebook recently so am not so up to date – with this prompt, I have a look and wow I have missed this completely.  Taking verbatim what John has posted for those of you who haven’t seen it

“So thought I’d try something a little different during lockdown and started this test series which ran into early July, Battle For The Golden Road run by AEE. Didn’t know what it would entail but being run by ex SAS knew it would be tough. Well what a great series. Bit long winded to explain so attaching pics of the individual tests which were released on a weekly basis. Very low key SAS style you get a patch for completing the series and the knowledge that you have completed something a little bit special. The final test was a real killer involving a 28hr water and food fast whilst completing three separate runs. I also won a free Fan Dance place ( the legendary SAS selection test in the Brecon Beacons) Anyone fancy joining me in Jan??”

Now if anything smacks you as runner of the month that is it – I mean I got bored in lockdown but taking on an SAS challenge with 3 runs during a 28hr food and water fast – mad!  Congratulations and well done to July’s runner of the month John Booty.