August may have left us questioning if it’s summer or autumn with rapidly changing weather from week to week, however this doesn’t appear to have dampened our spirits and motivation. Many of us are continuing to get out there running, enjoying Rodgers trail runs, the increasing coaching sessions on offer and the virtual ‘Reach for the stars’ challenge.

Trail Run Champs part 3 – Pin Mill

The third trail run in the series is approximately 5 miles and begins at the Red Lion Pub in Chelmondiston, Ipswich. I am yet to run this one myself however I understand from our lovely ladies captain and the many photos and positive comments posted on Facebook that this is a beautiful route which some have said is the best yet. If you haven’t been able to run this yet there is still time as this is open until the 6th September.

Can we all please remember to respect the rules of the trail runs (as found on the GBRC website) and make sure we embrace the spirit of these runs by self-navigating and not relying on people who have run the route before to show us the way. As we all know Rodger puts a significant amount of time into organising these runs for us and it would be a real shame if they couldn’t continue due to a few individuals not adhering to the rules. We also don’t want to be responsible for giving Rodger more work by having to run the route to do random checks on us, so if you’re unsure of what the expectations are when running Rodgers trail runs then please check out the GBRC website and Facebook page where all information can be found.  

Eileen & Tonie navigating the route
Beautiful scenery
Charlie enjoying the route & cooling down in the water

Reach For The Stars (by Mags)

A total of 26 members took the challenge in August where 5 miles and 10 miles distances are winning the popularity contest.

Super well done to all who participated so far. Perhaps new month will bring more opportunities to run selected distances, especially with a slightly cooler weather conditions. The window for September star collection is between the 1st and 20th September. Some leniency applies – we are not strict. The whole concept is to keep our members motivated to keep on running and aim for new goals.

We hope to see more of you in September.

A few familiar faces reaching for the stars.
First stardom claims


Hopefully by now you have all mastered the Doodle app and are able to access the training sessions on offer. If anyone is having difficulty with this then please feel free to contact our Head Coach Caroline, Mags or myself. Capacity for sessions has now increased to 11 people and there are a variety of excellent training session in various locations which we are all able to benefit from. One of the sessions on offer is Meera’s Sunday morning trail session at Dedham with 2 options for distance and there is often the opportunity for a coffee stop at the end of the session, which we can see some of our ladies enjoying in the photo below.

Fancy dress was embraced by Teresa, Bev, Anna and Justine and their friend this month as they ran along the seafront with a focus on empowering ladies, it looks like they had an amazing time with the sun shining down on them whilst wearing some fantastic costumes and making some great memories. You may agree that this photo is reminiscent of the Spice Girls and screams GIRL POWER!!

Who are we? (by Mags)

This month we asked another fabulous and inspiring lady the same set of questions we originally prepared for this occasion. Dear ladies, this month we give you Marion Simmons:

Age category:    55+
Occupation:       Higher Level teaching Assistant/ICT Tech in a primary school
How long have you been in GBRC for?   11 years I think!
The silliest thing you did on a race:         At my first Ekiden, which was run at St Josephs College Ipswich back then, I managed to miss the finish and ended up running off the course. The changeover point/finish consisted of 2 lanes, and we were told to keep left if we were running another lap and keep right if we were finishing/handing over. They put a ‘finishers keep right’ sign out, so I ran on the right of the sign. I was running hard because I wanted to look good as I finished! A moment after passing the sign, I was running along thinking “Why are all these people on the course?”. I then realised I should have kept to the right lane but NOT to the right of the sign! By then I had completely run off the course with no way of getting back on it as it was fenced off at that point. I was frantically waving at the person I should have handed over to so that she would go, while simultaneously trying to look as if I were just having a casual jog to the spectators! Michael was in the handover pen at the time, saw me and said loudly ‘What the fuck is she doing?’ The marshal told him off and said anyone could make a mistake. He did not tell him that I was his wife! Have never been more embarrassed!
Best achievement: Getting under 2 hours at Peterborough half marathon.
What’s your ultimate running goal:        A sub 50 10k, but I doubt this is going to happen now.
Favourite medal/t-shirt and what for:   Disneyland Paris half marathon medal 2017. It’s a thing of beauty! Would definitely do this event again, the support is amazing, and the course is great!
Interests other than running: Reading. Going out for coffee at nice independent coffee shops.
Favourite & Worst events and why: Kirton Friday 5 is probably my favourite. It’s a lovely course, the sun has shone every year and I got my 5 mile PB there. Worst event would be Harwich xc on the old, muddy course in the pouring rain!
Most challenging event and why: It’s not a running event as such, and I walked it, but definitely the Six Dales. It’s the furthest distance I have ever gone on foot, and the last couple of hours navigating in the pitch dark and rain were tough. I would definitely do it again though.
Most useful running information you can share:  Take tissues with you on long runs in case you need a wild poo. Then you won’t have to use your husband’s gloves that you borrowed…

Exercise of the month


I have found this stretch to be really beneficial for an all over stretch after an intense session when everything feels stiff 😊.

All Around The World Stretch gives you a one-stop stretching routine to mobilise your muscles before and after any workout.

Position 1:
Start in a lunge position with your right leg forward and your foot flat on the floor. Make sure your knee is bent 90 degrees with your left leg extended behind you, your left ball of foot on the floor. Place your hands on the floor inside right leg, keeping your back flat.

Main Targets:  Hip flexors, butt, hamstrings, quadriceps, lateral calf.

Position 2:
Next, lift your right hand off the floor, bend your right elbow 90 degrees and reach your elbow toward the instep of your right foot (as shown). 

Reach as far as you can without rounding your back.

Straight into placing that right hand onto your knee, extending it out to get more of flexion on that pigeon and hip flexors.

Main Targets: Deeper into hip flexors, butt, hamstrings, quadriceps, lateral calf

Position 3:
Return your right hand to the floor, then rotate your torso to right (inside) and extend your right arm to ceiling, palm out (as shown). Keep your spine long, and continue reaching through back leg. 

This can also be done switching to the left arm, rotate the torso to the opposite side, pressing down with the right hand, eyes follow lifting the left hand to the ceiling. 

Main targets: Deepens hamstring and gluteus stretch and enhances spinal mobility. Adds shoulders, pecs, upper and lower back, internal and external rotators of hips and obliques.

Position 4:
Finally, place hands on the floor and extend both legs back and out (slightly out of shoulder width). Then shift your hips back and straighten your opposite arm to your opposite leg while remaining in a locked out position touching your ankle with your foot flexed. 

Be mindful of hunching. Keep your back as flat as possible down to the ground (as shown).

Runner of the month

This month proved to be a challenge for Mags and I to choose just one lady who we felt deserved runner of the month for August. We have therefore chosen two ladies who we feel are very humble when it come to their achievements, committed to their running and continue to go from strength to strength whilst always having a smile on their face.

The first lady we have chosen regularly attends training sessions and shows such determination every week.  She powers up the hills at hill sessions and is getting faster and faster when participating in speed and endurance sessions. She exceeded her own target when recently running a 10 mile distance for ‘Reach for the stars’ and is a joy to chat to, our first runner of the month is Teresa Farmer.

The second lady we have chosen consistently runs a weekly high mileage and has ran all of Rodgers train runs. We feel she is such a positive member of GBRC who is very encouraging to others. Our second runner of the month is Sarah Greenham.

Congratulations ladies, you are a pleasure to run with!!