We ran into July with a little nostalgia, remembering that on the 3rd day of the month our club would have held another popular race – Friday 5. So, a few ladies invited club’s Race Director to join them for a little trot along the Friday 5 route one evening. No one was worried about marshal points, water stations, road closure or time scoring. Although it was a relaxing 5 miler, we still missed everything what usually involves organising our club’s signature event.

Trail Run Champs part 2 – Dedham

Then, our charming Chairmen’s baby’s 2nd leg of the Trail Run Champs started on 7th July and will end on 6th August. It attracted quite a crowd. At this point of writing the newsletter I can confirm that 49 GBRC runners took part in this month’s trail (25 female and 24 male) and 59 non-members. Helen Carey is the leading lady of the Dedham route. Well done Helen and well done all ladies who took part. The Dedham route is extremely scenic and rich in breath taking features. Well, apart from a dead rabbit found on one of the paths. But joking aside. I believe it is important that we all share the excitement and joy of running those routes. However, there is one tiny favour to be asked. As Rodger and Paul cannot arrange clipper points en-route, they ask all participants to answer a few questions on each run, which need to be submitted with the final time at the end of each run. It had been noticed that some runners shared answers to those questions in social media. Therefore, I’d like to ask you not to disclose these details and let others play along and get their answers. Let’s keep up the good fun and the mysterious side of each trail. Thank you and enjoy those runs!


On the weekend between 10th and 12th July 8 teams took part in the annual race of Ekiden, including a total of 20 ladies. Each team had to run their portion of 42.2km, equal of 26.2 miles. The winning team called “Easier Said Than Run” proved the contrary and beat “Running like a well-oiled Bentley” (2nd place) by 5min 46s! Well done to top 2 ladies from the winning team: Lex Carlisle (5k in 30:43) and Tonie Wilson (5k in 24:38). I hope you treated yourselves with a generous slice of cake!
A massive thank you to Justine Sheekey for organising this year’s Ekiden for the club.  Also, thank you Eric Shaw for producing so many well-deserved certificates for us all. 7.2k leg didn’t qualify for stars. However, a lot of ladies received stars for their legs, but a few ladies received impressive 4 and 5 virtual stars from Eric such as Kathy Bishop (2nd place Running like a well-oiled Bentley – 5k in 24:00), Eileen Shadford (3rd place – We’ve Got the Runs – 5k in 23:26), beautiful 5 stars for Tonie Wilson (5k in 24:38) and Emily Zethraeus (3rd place – We’ve Got the Runs – 5k in 19:45).

Geoff Day

On 15th July 22 ladies and 25 gents took part in Geoff Day memorial 5k. This is yet another GRBC race that we do annually for our members to pay a tribute to a magnificent runner. If you would like to learn more about Geoff, please refer to the article on the GBRC website:

Geoff’s son, Ryan Day set up a fundraising page to help the charity called Crisis raise as much money as possible. I am very pleased to confirm that we helped Ryan to raise a total of £534. Thank you all for your contribution.

Both Ryan Day (16:51) and Justine Sheekey (20:49) get to lead the ranking just like they did a year ago. Congratulations!

Once again Eric prepared fantastic certificates to mark the event and a few ladies scored new PBs: Anthea Colsell set a new personal best in 23:32, Caroline Talbot 25:03 (we can see that under 25 min barrier going down soon, but of course – no pressure 😉) and Mags Komorowska 22:07.

Female stardom at Geoff Day 5k

Below are some collages of blue vest tops and t-shirts who proudly represented the club on Geoff Day 5k.

Still on the same 5k note, Anna Young completed the England Athletics Virtual 5k Championships 2020 in 27:11. She described the experience as rather challenging. Not just because of a short-fast distance, but because there were a lot of factors that distracted her. No wonder, she pushed for under 30 minutes barrier and she beat it nicely with a massive margin to spare. Amazing running, Anna!

A few words about coaching

Many thanks to Caroline for putting Doodle Polls together for us, to Darren Horner for sorting out Covid-19 Risk Assessment and to all leaders who have taken session groups upon themselves. I hope that most of you are aware that leaders/coaches can have up to 11 members in their groups and that there are multiple locations and types of training on the offer. Please refer to emails from Caroline, which she sends weekly. What needs to be added is that on each session there is a verbal health questionnaire in compliance with track and trace guidelines set out by EA.

Exercise of the month – standing glute stretches

This pose came to me as a reflection of the inside joke which happened on one of my hill sessions. This pose reminds me of a Guns’n’Roses album “Use Your Illusion”. I can accept the fact that it’s probably just me who sees the analogy, but I cannot help it. I see it every time when someone does one leg glute stretches after runs.

Here is what it looks like:
From standing position, bend your left knee outwards and rest your ankle just above your right knee. Sink down and put your arms out in front of you to help you balance. Swap sides after 15 seconds.

So, Is it just me?

Who are we?

Every month we ask one lady from our club the same set of questions, and the idea is to bring us closer and to get to know each other better. This month we asked another fabulous lady who is a member of the committee and Club’s Head Coach – Caroline Searle!

Age Category: I am back in Seniors after being a Vet 35 for a while, thanks to changes I now have harder standards to aim for again for a couple of years!

Occupation: I am a Primary School teacher, teaching Year 2. Before that I worked for National Trust as a countryside warden.

How long have you been in GBRC? I joined GBRC in the summer of 2014, after chatting to a member whilst volunteering at CCPR and then also chatting to my dad’s neighbour. My first session was a on the whistle around the lanes of Great Bentley and I was shattered! Ran very briefly for Ipswich Jaffa before that and was a member of Highworth Running Club in Wiltshire when living there.

The silliest thing you did in a race: Nothing springs to mind, and hopefully it will stay that way, fingers crossed!

Favourite Distance: All distances have their good and bad points for me. I enjoy 10k as I have warmed up over the first 3 miles or so and know that I will be done within the hour.

Best Achievement: The achievement that stands out for me is completing the Snowdonia Marathon in 2016. I began training very soon after my mum passed away and I ran in her memory for charity. Getting to the finish line meant so much, and it also meant that I had conquered all the steep hills and fells!

What is your ultimate running goal? My ultimate running goal would be a sub 4-hour marathon. I am also curious as to how fast I can really sprint and what time I could achieve for 100m.

Favourite medal/t-shirt and what for: My favourite medal is from Bournemouth marathon 2018 and my favourite t-shirt, from Snowdonia Marathon is now part of my t-shirt blanket!

Interests other than running: I really enjoy reading and I am learning to play the piano. I also find myself on the PS4 these days with Ged and family, trying not to lose too much!

Favourite and worst events and why: My worst event has to be any 10-mile race – I tried three times to get a standard and missed by seconds each time. My favourite event to date was Mersey Tunnel 10k running from Liverpool to the Wirral through one of the tunnels, it was great fun!

Most Challenging event and why: All my marathons have been challenging because I have not run one yet where I have not stopped to walk. This has made each one mentally challenging as every time I stop, I immediately wished I hadn’t. If I train for a marathon again, I will definitely focus on this as an element of my training.

Most useful running information you can share: Have an A, B and C time in your head for any race that you enter. A, being your ultimate goal, achievable due to training, B, a goal that you will be happy with in case A doesn’t go to plan and then C, a back-up time that you might not want but will be pleased to achieve if A and B have gone. I did this for London Marathon 2018, and it was my C goal that I ended up with, but it was still a PB.

Runner Of The Month

Where to even begin? When it comes to this particular lady, it feels like we are trying to describe a legend. Well, she definitely is one to us! Sarah and I agreed on this month’s choice within seconds. She is a very strong runner with a super strong will power, with (you would have thought) endless resources of positivity. She is a kind, super supportive lady who didn’t seem to miss any training sessions running or walking when she couldn’t run – even when she was patiently awaiting a hip surgery. It has never bothered her that at that time people were overtaking her. She was training for herself with a smile on her face, wit up the sleeve and words of encouragement to all. She represents club’s ethos and it is with a great pleasure to see this lady improving every single month.

She is a real gem …and no one wooooos as well as she does when swaying hips on warm ups 😉

Congratulations Lex Carlisle. You are our Runner of the Month!