Men’s Newsletter – December

As we move into the New Year I find myself actually writing the men’s newsletter before the end of the month…..a resolution a tad early; I’d like to think that it will continue into 2020 but I won’t hold my breath. Anyway I hope you all had an excellent Christmas and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

The month started with a cancelled cross country race at Harwich whilst our vets did a great job at a Cross Country event that did take place in Writtle – the Essex Champs.  The next club cross country is also at Writtle on the 12th January – hopefully will see a number of you there. We saw Eric’s printer working double time with some impressive displays at our 10 mile race – gold standards for Colin Farmer, Kevin James and last months half runner of the month Rodger Alexander. There was also a clutch (is that the correct collective noun? – I’m sure someone will tell me what it actually is!) of Silver’s for Dave Wright, Jon Mann, Craig Mitchell, Jason Cook, John Booty, Peter Benton, Mark Stevenson, the other half of last months ROM Paul Carlisle and Martin West.  Alongside that there were also bronze standards and PB’s into the mix as well – it seems that we have all been training for 10 miles!  Our performances did see us retain the trophy for another year which is a great result as our friends at Harwich turned out in some force this year.

Our training routes on Sunday’s have been really good recently – they have been challenging but really good fun (at least the ones I have attended!).  I would like to once again thank the Presland’s for opening up their home to us once again and providing us with breakfast – this was a great end to an extremely wet run around the wilds of Horkesley. Talking of training on Sunday’s please put the 26th January in your diary as that is the first of a few training runs where coach Caroline has got an Olympian to come over to train us.  This first one is at Arlesford Village Hall and should be a good morning to find out what we have been doing wrong all this time!

You may well have seen my email or post about our Half Marathon, Christmas and New Year come around and before you know it the Half Marathon is happening. So we need marshals and to be honest I have been overwhelmed by the response so far, but this is a big event that needs a lot of people to help so as always if you are available please come and support your club – this race is one of the reasons that the annual membership is such a bargain!  For those of you not sure its on the 2nd February and kicks off at 10.30 am and for anyone who is a baker – cakes are also more than welcome!

A while ago we sent around a survey about the performance standards which came back with a pretty convincing result.  As such Tom K. has been putting in a lot of work to generate the charts for the new standards based on the information that Meera had generated – these new standards will come into force in line with the new club year in April so keep an eye out for further information on these as we go through the start of 2020.

So Runner of the Month for December, as I have outlined above there have been some excellent performances this month none more so than those at Bromley.  However, there has been a consistent runner for quite some time now from a relative newcomer to the club; a name that Paul and I have kicked around for a number of months. This month has seen him achieve a Silver Standard at the 10 miler and also bag another 1st place finish at Clacton Parkrun which seems to be getting a rather regular occurrence with his running going from strength to strength. So congratulations to this months runner of the month Jason Cook.