Christmas Running!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Rather than kicking back quiet a few races (and runs) were undertaken by our merry band of Bentley runners with some even taking on the 5k parkrun on Christmas Day more of that later.  Trying to run their Christmas dinner off were a hearty band who “ran their box off” running the 5 miles at Witham, they were Colin Farmer (35:05), Lee Clarkson (36:59), Luke Groves (41:43), Martin West (46:24), Belinda Palmer-Barnes (50:05), Stewart Baggs (53:21), Helene Tyler (57:14) and John Bush (57:47).

Going a bit further on Boxing Day and running the Elves 11 which is a narrative trail race similar to Rodgers trail runs where you follow written instructions and take a circular route of 11 Elvish miles, between Maldon and Mundon were the 6 blue vests of Phil and Vicky Presland (1:47:19), Paul Hollidge (1:53:36), Debs Cubberley (1:53:39) and Belinda Palmer Barnes and Anthea Colsell (2:35:00).

Elves[Not really the Elves you want to see at Christmas!]

On the evening of the 27th December (whichever day that was mine seemed to merge into a week of Saturday’s) the Family Presland took a trip over to Silver End for the 2nd round of the night trail series. A wet, slippery and twisting course of 5.3 miles. Phil and Milly (the one-torch wonders) finished in 54.02 and Vicky and Katie took 56.31. The result means that Vicky and Katie currently top the ladies overall standings with just one race to go.

Having recovered from a night trail Vicky and Phil along with Paul Hollidge and Debs Cubberley took on the Flitch Way marathon on New Years eve. Following heavy rain the day before the course was heavily waterlogged and muddy but our intrepid quartet all finished in a time of 4.31.56 giving Paul and Sarah some interesting updates to the current club championship standings. As that’s Phils first official marathon it also set his personal best which obviously sets him a time to beat next time around!

Whenever we talk marathons that man Paul Blackwell doesn’t like to disappoint so finished his 137th (or thereabouts!) marathon on New Years Day in Kent.   He struggled to finish this one but persevered even though it didn’t stop raining throughout.

So parkrun time, Christmas and New Year add additional runs in the diary with an extra one on Christmas Day and the opportunity to double up and run 2 on New Years Day.  So starting on Christmas Day we had 2 tourists with Nick Goodman (23:33) joining 229 others to run Eastbourne parkrun and Caroline Searle (27:32)  running Woodside Gardens, Lymington, the course being a mixture of trail paths and grass.

Over at Colchester Castle there was an abundance of Blue with 15 hardy soles hitting the hill; Lee Clarkson (22:11), Meera Rajoo-Oakley (22:57), Andy Stephens (23:25), Anna Mills (23:56), Frank Gardiner (26:00), Debs Cubberley (26:22), Paul Hollidge (26:26), Malcolm Jarvis (27:05), Claire Groves (27:08), Neil Robins (28:10), James McCullagh (28:24), Russell Clarke (28:37), Belinda Palmer-Barnes (30:34), Helene Tyler (34:54) and John Bush (35:15). On the prom at Harwich Ben and Janice (21:46), Toni Wilson (25:30) and Cherie Hipkins (35:51) completed the 5k.

Christmas Day[Christmas Day parkrun at CCPR]

There were 27 juniors at Colchester Junior parkrun with Harrison Leek coming in first again in (08:20) followed by Rufus Keitch (13:09) and Yasmin Leek (20:56).

The 30th December was a usual parkrun Saturday with 343 runners at Colchester Castle 15 of which were Bentley runners Paul Connell (20:40), Russell Clarke (22:36), James McCullagh (23:26), Richard Moor (23:34), Nick Goodman (24:12), Paul Hollidge (25:14), Meera Rajoo-Oakley (27:01), Malcolm Jarvis (27:16), Neil Robins (27:26), Magdalena Komorowska (28:24), Scott Young (28:34), Claudia Keitch (28:36), Tomasz Komorowski (30:04), Leoni Harvey (31:26) and Helene Tyler (35:19). Over at Clacton Seafront 4 of our runners took on the 3 laps of the prom Robert Thorpe (22:51), Brian Telford (26:22), Sandra James (35:59) and David Nugent (43:44).

The third local parkrun is Mersea which saw a first lady finish for Milly Presland in 21:57. Janice and Ben Ficken came home in 22:31 with Katie Presland (27:19), Luke Groves (28:03), Phil Presland (29:36) and Vicky Presland (42:00) completing the representation. Tourism this week was supplied by Alison Clarke who ran Parke parkrun which is in Parke Estate, near Bovey Tracey. The course is run on a mixture of trail paths, tarmac path and gravel cycle path Clarke completed the course with 147 other runners in 39:41.

Finally, New Years Day gives you the opportunity to do the parkrun double with runs starting at different times, the local runs enabled our runners to run the prom at Harwich at 8:30 and then Colchester Castle park at 10:30.  5 of our runners did the “double” Charlie Keitch (19:25 at Harwich and 19:55 at Colchester), Colin Farmer (21:32 and 22:09), Scott Young (23:32 a course PB at Harwich and 25:25), Tomasz Komorowski (28:41 and 28:44) and Helene Tyler (33:44 and 35:03).

At Harwich Ben Ficken accompanied by the trusty Janice completed his 100th parkrun in 20:51, he was followed by Anna Mills (22:50), Kevin James (24:31) and Sandra James (36:38). We had 13 more runners in a great turnout in Colchester Richard Moor (22:56), Lee Clarkson (23:25), James McCullagh (24:23), Michael Simmons (25:35), Meera Rajoo-Oakley (25:50), Caroline Searle (26:42), Malcolm Jarvis (27:12), Luke Groves (27:59), Nina Simmons (28:46), Marion Simmons (28:47), Leoni Harvey (29:48), Belinda Palmer-Barnes (30:06) and Natalie Warriner 31:44.

Great running everyone!