Ladies Newsletter December 2017


Hello lovely ladies! Hope you and your families all had a cracking Christmas and a noteworthy new year! There seems to have been a fair bit of running going on all through the festive season, along with plenty of eating and drinking. Now that it’s all over, I’m sure many of you are contemplating your training plans and thoughts are turning to spring marathons and half marathons and all the other distances. I am going to be focussing on getting some speed back, with the hope of finally cracking a sub 50 10k this year. It could still happen!

First of all, congratulations to the ladies who were lucky enough to secure a place in our own half marathon; Nina Simmons, Tonie Wilson, Vicky Presland, Anna Mills, Debs Cubberley and Emma Wakeling. Only a few weeks to go until you get to run what is probably the best half marathon in the world…well, Essex anyway. You will be well supported on the route, we will all be cheering you on madly!

As a club, we have had a great year, especially as we have been celebrating our 30th anniversary. Our half marathon sold out in less than 9 hours, and the Friday 5 race sold out for the first time. The 2018 half marathon sold out in a record 2 hours, just going to show how popular our races have become. We had a fantastic weekend at Thetford, the Anniversary Extravaganza on the green in the summer, plus Geoff Day, 3 Peaks and 6 Dales were just some of the highlights of this year.

We entered a running themed Christmas tree into the tree festival in the church which those of us on the tree decorating committee were rightly proud of.

Thanks to all the people who attended the fish and chip and Christmas lights run, I couldn’t believe how many people joined in, and was so impressed with the way the fish and chip van coped with all of us!  Some of us also invaded The Old Bakery in Dedham last Sunday so that we could have a bit of breakfast after our run, we do like our food!

So now on to future events. There are still 3 more 53-12 cross country races to go; please keep turning up and running these, we are in a good position and need to consolidate that to avoid being relegated to pool B. the next one is on January 14th and is at Suffolk Food Hall, which is a really good venue.

Our half marathon is getting closer and closer, 4th February to be exact. I know many of you have already volunteered to marshal this event for us. If not, please consider doing so. This race is what keeps the club afloat, and helps the committee to subsidise so many things for us, such as race entries, Thetford weekend and much more. It also keeps our subs so low. We have an excellent reputation for our organisation; supportive and friendly marshals and food!  Please also bake a cake, make some sandwiches, sausage rolls, anything we can sell to hungry finishers. It is not known as Great Bentley Half Marathon and Bake-Off for nothing! Let’s keep that reputation flying high!

You will have received an email regarding Essex Road Relays today, another fun team event to enter, and once again, the club subsidises the entry fee. Meera is coordinating our entry, please let her know if you would like to run.

Last of all, please keep coming to training sessions. Our coaches put in a lot of work devising effective and interesting sessions for us, let’s support them by attending as many as we can. The nights are cold and dark, but will soon be drawing out, making running in the evenings so much more enjoyable.

Now for Runner of The Month. Every month this is a struggle, as everyone always does their best, making it very hard to choose from so many deserving recipients. This month we have chosen a lady who is often under the radar, but has been a member of the club for a good few years now, always shows up to help at our events, and does a lot of running very quietly. Over the Christmas weekend, she ran the Elves 11 on Christmas Eve, Colchester Castle parkrun on Christmas Day, and topped that off with ‘running her box off’ at the Boxing Day 5 in Witham on, you guessed it, Boxing Day. Pretty dedicated running if you ask me; I spent all those 3 days eating my bodyweight in pigs in blankets…my Runner of The Month is Belinda Palmer-Barnes.


So, enough now, as this has been possibly the longest newsletter yet! I am looking forward to a new year of running, and there’s plenty on the calendar to keep us all amused! See you at training, or one of the many events coming up!