He Went Up a Hill…….

It’s been a quiet race week again this week which will break me back in nicely following my holiday! Ben Finken spent the past week “Ooop North” well in the Peak District the main criteria to confirm this are rain, hills and the people talk funny, so I agree with Ben’s assessment that this is definitely the North. On Thursday evening Ben took part in the strange Northern event of Fell Racing. In his words “this is basically where a bunch of people meet up in a playing field and then run, walk or crawl up an enormous hill only to run down it again as fast as possible and hope not to die in the process”. Sounds scary to me, the hill that Ben took on was in Stoney Middleton which was a two and a half mile version of North Hill, once at the top the descent was more gradual and was almost three miles but “did involve some very steep, muddy, close your eyes and hope for the best sections”. Ben hoped for the best and succeeded in a finishing time of 41:02 and “a new found appreciation for life”. Sounds great if you like that sort of thing!

Ben[Ben and Janice at Poolsbrook parkrun]

Other than that we entertained ourselves at parkrun this weekend obviously Ben did some tourism with pooch Janice and ran Poolsbrook near Chesterfield. This was a three lap event around a lake that was made all the more challenging by the Northern rainfall that fell on Friday.  There were plenty of fallers and DNF’s but Ben and Janice managed to stay on their feet/paws finishing 11th in the non-race and a time of 20:14. Also on some tourism was Emma Wakeling taking on Thurrock parkrun and finishing in 46:41.

Matt Jones has taken on the “Sergei Bubka” mantle from Phil Presland and trimmed 2 seconds off his PB at Kesgrave parkrun finishing in 20:33.  Since breaking the 21 minute barrier Matt has continued to improve his time I wouldn’t be surprised to see that PB nearer the 20 minute mark before the end of the year.

Amongst the 333 runners at Colchester parkrun were the Young/Keitch family running in aid of the Grenfell tower firefighters and victims.  This was a virtual run that needed them to run for a least 24 consecutive minutes, Charlie Keitch had already managed 15 miles that morning so technically had already completed the run however, he joined brother Scott Young and sister Claudia Keitch who finished in 28:44 (Charlie) and 28:45 (Scott and Claudia). The first Bentley shirt to cross the line however was Paul Connell who is putting is some very consistent performances finishing in 19:50. Paul Hollidge decided that the best way to get over jet lag following a night flight from Singapore was to toe the start some 4 hours after landing running the 5k with Debs Cubberley in 27:57 and 27:46 respectively. Nicholas Goodman 26:29 and James McCullagh 27:54 completed the representation.

Grenfell[Grenfell virtual race bling and certificate]

Five runners were seen over at Clacton Seafront with Dave Goldsmith (19:54) leading the way with Tom Fowler (19:57) close behind. Rob Thorpe finished about a minute behind in 21:95 with Dave Nugent (42:42) and Davina Swindell (56:08) completing the three laps on the prom. Over at the other seaside prom run in Harwich we had 4 runners Kevin James (23:04), Matt Knowles (23:33), Toni Wilson (23:59) and Sandra James (36:02). Finally, the Iddon/Hughes family took on Mersea parkrun both Megan Hughes (29:00) and Linzi Iddon (44:28) ran course PB’s, Hughes finish took 1st place in her age group, with David Iddon finishing in 29:05.