Winning a Flask-a in Alaska!

Kicking off this belated race report we have another Friday Five in Brantham. David Iddon achieved a 01:12 PB across the 5 mile distance setting a new time of 46:02. Also achieving PB’s were Magdalena and Tomek Komorowski with times of 42:52 and 43:00 respectively, which also meant a bronze standard for Magdalena. Gary Hill sadly managed a PW in 43:47 but all is not lost as he does love this race so will keep on returning. Getting another year older wasn’t all bad for Anthea Colsell as it sneaked her into a new age category which meant her performance of 44:09 got her a nice bronze standard. Another little victory we have to celebrate is a blue vest swooping in ahead of a green Harriers vest with Charlie Keitch finishing ahead of some very fast runners from local clubs in 32:41.

Colchester Castle parkrun saw the aforementioned Mr Keitch complete some “active recovery” and finish in 23:55. Also running were Jake Darkins 20:44, Malcolm Jarvis 21:51 and James McCullagh 26:45. Antoinette Wilson was the only GBRC member at Harwich parkrun but did us proud finishing as first lady in 23:39.

Janice ventured up to Ipswich parkrun Saturday morning and sadly tripped her human up with her lead meaning Ben Ficken finished in 20:59 after the bad fall cost him a minute in time!

Paul Connell took a trip to Maldon Prom parkrun and finished in 7th position with a very respectable time of 19:15. Also running along a promenade but not so local was Matthew Jones down at Seaton parkrun in Devon. This was not a fast course due to running across sections of the course on the beach which was covered in large pebbles however he managed to finish 9th which he has never done before (according to his spreadsheet no doubt).

Clacton Seafront parkrun was once again the busiest  parkrun for GBRC with David Goldsmith again finishing in third position with 19:51. Ray Baggs was swiftly behind stopping the clock bang on 20:00. Patrick Reynolds ran in 23:27, Kevin James 23:40, Brian Telford 24:39, Davina Swindell was third lady in 25:08, Robert Thorpe 27:14 and Sandra James 36:58. Sadly for Paul Hollidge he got lost from Colchester to Clacton (I saw him at 08:20 driving the wrong way!) which meant he was 4 minutes behind all the other runners but did a fantastic job of catching up and came 38th out of 128 people with a ‘headstart’ (who didn’t get lost) in a time of 26:17.


The busiest lady this week has to be our very own Meera Rajoo-Oakley who has been doing every race going in Alaska by the sounds of it. The Great Alaskan Running Cruise website boasts details of a cocktail reception, welcome dinner and celebration party however Meera has surprisingly not mentioned any food and perhaps unsurprisingly instead gives details of her running success! Alongside her husband, she completed a 5km fun run in Anchorage and a half marathon in Juneau 3 days later finishing in 01:55. The next day saw a Scavenger hunt in Skagway which the husband and wife team decided they were going to win. And win they did…a water flask! They were allowed a day to relax before the next race, a 10k trail run in Ketchikan. Meera decided to be kind and let a couple of ladies move ahead of her whilst she admired the view as you couldn’t win more than on water flask so Meera saw little point. This didn’t stop her from a podium finish though in third place, much to the delight of the other ladies no doubt.