Usual Suspects

With the club focused on XC on Sunday this weeks race card is made up of a couple of marathons, a midweek night trail and the usual suspects at various Parkruns on Saturday. Completing the 26.2 miles this week were unsurprisingly Paul Blackwell who on Sunday did 8 laps of the course at Walton on Thames in the Dirty Running marathon.  Earlier in the week a welcome return for Alison Day saw her complete the Saxon and Viking Valentines marathon in a very good time of 4:17.

dirty-running[This weeks marathon bling from Paul Blackwell]

On Wednesday the Preslands, Phil, Vicky and Katie, ran the “Nightmare at the Diner” (not sure that’s the official name!) which was a 5.3 mile trail run in the dark from the Empire Diner at Rivenhall on the A12. Completing the self navigated course in 56:58 was good enough for Vicky and Katie to be placed 2nd in the women’s competition in the event organised by the Mid Essex Casuals.  This is the final run in a series of midweek trail runs which the Preslands hope to do more of in the future.

So onto Parkrun day our tourism this week is courtesy of Andy Stephens; 24:17 at Coventry Parkrun; and James McCullugh who completed the Halifax version in 21:33. Over at Mersea another Pooch Best was run by the impressive Janice who pulled Ben Finken round the country park in 19:29 and 4th place overall. At Colchester Parkrun Cassius Keitch provided the ballast for Charlie Keitch, on his comeback trail, pushing Cassius round in 25:26. Rich Moor ran a personal best around this course finishing in 19:44, Paul Hollidge (22:50), Luke Groves accompanied by Belinda Palmer Barnes (31:58), Claudia Keitch (28:47) and Ruth Metcalf (36:04) all completed the two hill runs at Castle Park.

ben-and-janice[Ben and Janice post 4th place at Mersea]

Harwich saw two runners at the Prom this week John “Does he ever stop running” Bush (31:59) and Cherie Hipkins (26:44). Once again the flat course at Clacton was the club favourite; this week Patrick Reynolds leading home our 8 runners in 21:39. Scott Crawley (22:40), Brian Telford (23:50), Liz Jones (29:39), Alison Clarke (29:43), Jack Wicks (29:51), Louise Upston (29:52) and Davina Swindell (30:25) completed the roll call.