Ladies Newsletter January 2017


Wow, we are a month into 2017 already! Where has that gone? Ok, first of all, cross-country! Ladies, you have totally stormed it this season, improving race on race, second place at Ipswich and third at Writtle. There have been some amazing runs, you are all really pulling it out of the bag and giving it your all. There is just one race left, and we have every chance of beating Harwich into sixth place and retaining our position in pool A, so please, turn out in full force for the last race of the season.

We will have a much deserved celebration of the season at the end of February, with pampering, eating and drinking aplenty. If you have not yet put your name down for Aqua Springs, Zizzis or both, please do so as soon as possible if you want to come along. Just drop me an email. If you’re feeling shy because you don’t know many people, don’t! We are all very friendly and love meeting new running mates! Everyone is welcome, it doesn’t matter whether you ran any of the cross-country races or not. Saturday 25th February is the date, 3pm at Aqua Springs, and 7pm at Zizzis. We can get ready and go straight on to Zizzis from Aqua Springs.

At the above event, we will be voting for the female cross-country runner of the year, so start having a think. It doesn’t have to be someone who has run every race, or even someone very fast, (although it can be) but a person who you think embodies the spirit of Great Bentley in cross country!

Next up is our annual half marathon on Sunday. Many thanks to all those who are coming to marshal, without you, the race would not be able to go ahead. Thanks also to those baking cakes, making sandwiches and frying bacon; we have a great reputation for our post-race refreshments, which we would like to keep. Good luck to the runners too!

Now to runner of the month. As ever, it’s a difficult decision, as so many people are doing so well and improving so much. However, after a chat with Karen we have decided it will go to a lady who, at the very beginning of 2017, ran her first marathon, the Flitch Way Marathon on New Year’s Day. She trained hard for this event, and at one point was in doubt as to whether she would be able to do it due to injury, but she did it, and got a silver standard to boot! I really hope she doesn’t hate me for mentioning it, but I do think running your first marathon when you are in the Female Vet 60 category is a bit special! She is injured at the moment, but I am sure she will soon be back on form. Alison Clarke, you are our runner of the month!