Summer runnin’

It’s been a quiet weekend for racing. Even parkrun seemed quiet on Saturday morning, although that didn’t stop Ivy-Rose Hallahan from smashing out a new three-minute PB at Colchester Castle parkrun.   Elsewhere, Rob Fergusson was feeling radiant at Sizewell parkrun and Mark Jasper finished second (gasp!) at Clacton Seafront. You can see all the club’s results in the full consolidated report.

Giving up their dose of Saturday morning parkrun were Magdalena and Tomasz Komorowski and Rob Dyer, who took on Summer Poppyline event from the Long Distance Walkers Association in Norfolk. This 50k route takes you through the undulating countryside, heathlands and coastal paths of North Norfolk. Joining them were Paul and Sarah Davison and Kathy Bishop, who completed the shorter 18-mile option.

Our runners at the Summer Poppyline

Leoni Harvey was slightly further afield in Lancashire, where she completed the Pennine Trails Tolkien Trail Race. This is an 11K route along the trails that are said to have inspired J.R.R. Tolkien’s creation of Middle Earth.

If I were a merry fellow

I’d give you some verse in the style of Old Tom Bombadil

(bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow)

But, I’m not.

On Sunday, Sue Wray competed at Hare and Tortoise’s six-hour ‘Life’s a Beach’ event at Holland on Sea, which saw runners complete as many 3.28 miles laps as they could. Despite the very hot conditions, Sue managed a fantastic total of seven laps to run almost 23 miles in total.

It just goes to show that even on a quiet weekend, there’s always someone from Great Bentley Running Club doing something somewhere and it’s usually pretty bloomin’ brilliant.