Training 31st July to 6th August

This week’s sessions have been sent our so please check your inbox to see what is on the offer. Notes from Caroline:

Please note:
The time for Tuesday evening hills in Colchester is 6:00pm.
Also Friday meeting location is at Matalan.

Sessions will still be on doodle poll. If a session has no takers, the leader can cancel the day before the session is due to take place. Please try to support these sessions as much as possible. If you can not find a link to current doodle poll please contact Mags at

For training outline for Summer / Autumn please click here (PDF)

Please note: No ipods or music devices to be worn during any training sessions

Sunday 31st July

Tuesday 2nd August

Tuesday 2nd August

Wednesday 3rd August

Thursday 4th August

Friday 5th August