This is my first newsletter since stepping down as captain in 2020 and I have to say, I am not sure I missed the typing! Still, it is wonderful to be keeping an eye on the squad again and looking at what you ladies all got up to in May, it was a busy month. If you haven’t already, do check out the race reports to see what people have been getting up to and perhaps get inspiration for races to do.

News and Notices

Looking forward to the coming few weeks:

Essex Way Relay

Grainne is organising our ladies entry into the Essex Way Relay on 4th September. Please email her ( by 10th June to be put on the list for entry. All the information is in the email from Mags on 12th May. In summary – we form into teams and each person runs a section of the Essex Way Footpath. You have a set time to start and at the end our runners’ times are added to give a team score. Sections vary in distance so you can pick what you would prefer.

Gents who are interested in entering this race should email Fraser (

More information can be found here as well:

GBRC’s Friday 5

On 1st July we host the final Friday 5 race in this years series. Tom, Scott and Rodger have been working really hard to get ready for this and soon we will need to recruit an army of volunteers to ensure the race is safe and enjoyable on the night. If you are free to help, please look out for Scott’s call for marshals.

Note that GBRC members are not to enter this race, but an offer of marshalling will see your name put in the hat and we will have a random draw to see who from the club will run. Those selected to run will still be expected to marshal.

Marshalling roles require time from about 6pm (or potentially earlier if helping at the kids race).


We are seeing a good turnout for training sessions which is great. In lockdown we introduced the Doodle poll system and have continued with this. It really helps the run-leaders to know how many people to expect to a run and so please fill this in if you can.

For a look further into the future of what is coming up see the PDF schedule here:

Mickey Edwards

We are now into the Mickey Edwards competition having run the baseline and the 1st handicap. Well done to those who improved on their times!

If you have yet to have a go at the GBRC 5k course, please do come along to the next Mickey Edwards race. All you need to join in now is a recent 5k time (or guesstimate) and you will be given a handicap based on that for your start time.

Ladies Meal & XC runner of the season (2021/2022)

We have a table booked at Ask (in Colchester) for 11th June 6pm for the ladies who have signed up to the meal. It will be at this point that we announce who has been voted Ladies XC runner of the season. If you have yet to vote in that, please send your vote to Mags.

I do have a couple of spare seats at the dinner table as well so if you were on the fence about coming, and now want to let me know (you don’t have to have run XC!)


After being announced as cancelled, Ipswich Jaffa have pulled something out of the bag and Ekiden will be held on 7th August (a birthday treat for me!). For information about Ekiden please see here:

In summary this is a relay eventand teams run the distance of a marathon between them. Legs are 5k, 7.2k or 10k.

The club will be organising our entry and Lisa has kindly offered to put the teams together. She will email out calling for names after she is home from her half-term jolly so look out for that email!

Ekiden is one of the best club days and I highly recommend you signing up when you see the email!

Trail Runs

Rodger’s trail runs will run in the same format as last year and the first one will be available on the website on 1st June.

Look out for information here:

Our Ladies Squad

Getting to know you

Well, last month you got to know me a little better, so it only seemed fair that you get to know this lady a little better too… Introducing Lisa Briggs!

Age category: I would have become a V35 recently, but that category was removed – so now I think I’m just ‘senior’!
Occupation: Deputy Head of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Essex
How long have you been in GBRC for? Since December 2020 – a relative newbie!
The silliest thing you did on a race: I am generally quite sensible, but I am very clumsy. When I first started parkrun (not a race, I know!), I clipped the heels of the person in front of me at Castle Park and fell flat on my face and was stampeded. Meera was Run Director that day and rescued me, and that was the first time we met!
Favourite distance: I like 5 miles – I just do 10k pace but not for as long! It’s not quite as brutal as a 5k, but it’s still over quickly and suits my short attention span.  
Best achievement: Getting under 25 minutes for 5k was my ultimate goal when I first started running – so when I managed to string two of those together to do a sub 50 minute 10k, that felt really good.
What’s your ultimate running goal: I’d love to run a 5k time that starts with a 21 one day. I’m not sure if it’s realistic, but you never know unless you try!
Favourite medal/t-shirt and what for: I love my Framlingham 10k tshirt because it’s just so pink, and the Tiptree 10 rainbow tshirt from last year. I love all my medals, but do like the trend towards eco-friendly wooden ones!
Interests other than running: Mainly spending time with Jon and our 6 year old son, especially if it involves finding places to eat cake
Favourite & Worst events and why: I love any team events, and the sense of camaraderie that goes with them – so all cross country fixtures, and both the XC relays and the road relays. I can’t think of an event I have completed hated …
Most challenging event and why: The National XC championships at Parliament Hill were a big challenge, both physically and mentally. I was so nervous I nearly pulled out about 5 times, thinking I didn’t belong there. On the day, the hills and mud were a real challenge – but I absolutely loved it in the end!
Most useful running information you can share: If I ever feel unmotivated to run or disappointed after a race, I remind myself that I don’t *have* to run, I *get* to run. It’s a privilege to be healthy and able to run, not a chore.


Each month I hope to highlight some ladies that have personally inspired me for the dedication they put into their training, the fears or obstacles they overcome and their courage to take on new challenges:

This month I am thinking about, Maddy Allen who took on an half Ironman and her first half marathon. To do this she trained sensibly, taking guidance from her very experienced father. Well done Maddy – your sensible head will do you well.

Also excelling in the multi-sport arena was Emily Zethraeus who took silver medal in her age group at the World Duathlon championships, and from what I can see finished the course in a time that would have rivalled the “elite” runners!

Hien tackled her first road marathon. Another lady who has taken training seriously and sensibly in the lead up to her race and has reaped the rewards.

Norma also caught my eye this month with an age group win at the Colchester 10; fabulous to see!

I keep noticing Leoni Harvey, who is not only running strongly but completed ride London 100 miles this month. That’s a long old way to be on your saddle, well done!

Runner of the month

Well, I think you all will have guessed this one… I had a chat with her about who we would have this month, all the while knowing what I wanted to do… and she didn’t convince me otherwise! So here it is…

With personal bests this month in 5k (more than once), 5 miles and half marathon on what was a very hot day. And she keeps thrashing me at tennis which I can only assume is the cherry on top of a super-successful month.

Many congratulations Lisa, you are Runner of the Month for May 2022.