Micky Edwards 2022 Race Report

It is good to see many of the new and existing members taking part in our club’s Micky Edwards handicap series.


Wednesday 11th May – Baseline race

We had 62 people attending the baseline race on the 11th May where everyone started together. We did not have to wait long for the first runners with Doug (17:47) and Mark J (17:48) racing to the finish line and Harry (18:00) following them not far behind. From that moment we had a steady stream of Bentley vests crossing the finish line. First lady home was club secretary Magdalena (22:45) closely followed by ladies’ Capitan Meera (23:16) and ladies’ vice Capitan Lisa (23:33). As me and Paul were time keeping, we were quite impressed by many strong performances on that day. With the bar set up quite high it will be a challenge to improve these times. Well done all.

Wednesday 25th May – 1st handicap

53 runners took part in the 1st handicap with many tried to either beat their time or set up a baseline. With a staggered start the finish line was quiet for some time. Then a stream of runners finished all at once. A few minutes past, dust settled and it was all over.
Very impressively 35 runners improved their times. Well done! Cannot wait to see who will carry on improving in future races.  

Top 3 most improved runners are: Harrison Leek, Craig Warrington, Nicky Steadman
Top 3 fasted male times: Doug (17:39), Mark Jasper (17:42), Harrison (18:02)
Top 3 fasted female times: Grainne (23:06), Meera (23:13), Beverly (23:38)

For the full results please refer to the link on the top of this page.

Small print:

These races are for any Great Bentley Club members. The more the merrier.  It’s a great chance to test yourself on the flat course or catch up with your fellow runners post-race.

These races are not possible without marshals.
Thank You very much to those who marshalled so far.
If any of you is interesting in helping out please contact Fraser at fraser@thisisbosh.com