And I thought this would be a quiet one!

The running week started with the 2nd race of the Harwich 5K series. 12 of us took on the challenge of beating our previous times with many succeeding. It looks like Gary Cooper might be one to watch here.

Friday saw the 2nd of the Friday 5 series, this one at Sudbury. It’s great to see these races gaining in popularity with 19 of us taking on what some have said is a slightly hilly route.

Paul Connell led the way in 31:41 and was followed by David A (32:29), Rob D (34:54), Colin F (35:51), Mags (37:11), Tomasz (37:36), Daniel W (37:44 PB), Hien (38:34), Lisa B (39:14) paced to another PB by Paul D (39:15), Kathy (39:56), Sarah D (40:08), Caroline T (43:09), Frank (47:14), Donna H (47:24), Bee PB (47:57), Teresa F (54:51), John B (56:08) and Stephen Cartwright (59:25) – Great running everyone and a surprisingly nice bottle opener medal to boot.

On Saturday we parkran – full results can be found here

Some highlights were Grainne getting a new PB at Felixstowe in 23:18!

The Cotton’s went to Bushy Park for some tourism.

I didn’t think there were any events on the race calendar for Sunday but as always Martin O managed to find an event that most/all of us hadn’t even heard of. He took on the Trail Pursuits half marathon in the Lake District. The event was part of a festival weekend which does sound pretty awesome –

It sounds like a pretty challenging route that didn’t quite go to either the organisers’ or Martin’s plans. A somewhat hilly route with 1400m of elevation and large parts that were impossible to run due to congestion and footing. I think the fact that it took speedy Martin over 7 hours to complete the route says just how challenging this was.

As it’s the last day of the month it’s also our last chance to complete Rob’s Run:ONE Charity mile for the Alzheimer’s Society so if like me, you very much want to do this but the month has got away with you, today is your last chance. Take inspiration from the Mills clan (below) who completed this during the week and should all be very proud of their new medals.

Well that was busier than I expected – Good job I had a random day off!