Blues running @ MP, 1/2 MP, 10kP and 5kP

As the days get warmer and the sun stays out for longer, there are more races to choose from. This weekend was no exception. There were less blues out for a 5k run on Saturday morning, but this will be due to some saving their legs for races on Sunday. There was one notable tourist parkrun, with Meera Rajoo-Oakley and Robin Oakley running in Dusseldorf at a small parkrun (36 starters – maybe they had races on Sunday too!) Robin, fuelled, or hampered, by German hospitality ran it in 21:35, whilst Meera ran in 23:44. Charlotte Mills ran at Mersea Island parkrun with a PB of 26:43 All results for local parkruns can be found here. On Sunday, Ella Simpson ran Colchester Junior parkrun in 10:09 and Orlaith Hallahan ran in 12:54.

Moving on to a longer distance, 26.2 miles and 385 yards. It was the 26th Halstead Marathon, which also counts as part of the Essex County road races championship. This is a hilly course, and normally falls on a warm day. Charlie Keitch was 42nd in 3:20:23, with a course PB, which was his goal. Paul Davison was on his 2nd marathon of the weekend, this one being a race, in 3:30:34. Tomasz Komorowski surprised himself with a PB of two minutes in a time of 3:47:24. Hien Hoang ran her first marathon in a excellent time of 4:05:17 and Inga Hayden-Cooper ran in a great time of 4:30:47.

Colchester 10k is a popular event in May, run by the Rotary clubs of Colchester. We had a good turnout. Doug McGillivary was first home for the Bentley Blues in 35:33:06. Craig Mitchell ran a PB in 37:35:30, Paul Connell snuck a PB of 1 second in 38:03:04, Jonathan Mann 39:36:21, Rob Lee 42:46:14, Richard Moor 44:10:21, Ben Myhill 44:36:13, Magdalena Komorowska continued her run of PBs with 45:45:93 closely followed by Jonathon Briggs who ran 45:46:04. Jack Wicks ran in 48:51:42, Darrin Sadler 50:20:05, David Balfour 52:36:86, Caroline Talbot 53:55:01, Rob Dyer 53:20:82, Leoni Harvey 53:55:01 (equalling her PB), Christopher Teates 54:00:99, Darren David, 54:23:63, Norma Smith ran 54:55 and bagged herself a PB and age category prize. Former GBRC runner Luke Groves was the 55 minute pacer, who aided Norma to a superb finish. Louise Balfour ran a PB in 54:57:76 whilst Gary Hill ran his first race in a while in 55:39:32. Charlotte Hammond ran in 58:14:97, Frank Gardiner 1:00:22:26, Donna Harris 1:00:18:27, Mark Harris 1:00:18:37, Michelle Auer 1:03:28:05, Alison Clarke 1:03:28:18, Belinda Palmer-Barnes 1:07:00:23, John Bush 1:12:23:71 and Rachel Rodgers in 1:13:05:43.

Tim Ballard ran a trail race, the Bury to Clare, which is an 18 and bit mile run. Tim finished 5th in 2:16:16.

Stephen Walsh took up the mantle for the half marathon pace with a race in the sunny location of Lisbon. Starting on the 25th April bridge, (Ponte 25 de Abril) it then follows the river. Stephen ran in 1:59:17.

Earlier in the week it was the first of the Harwich 5k series which is 5 races over a period of time, rather similar to our Mickey Edwards, except it is an open race. Results can be found here, with one to take note of, a PB for Charlie Keitch in 18:08.

Rodger Alexander and Paul Carlisle took themselves to the 12th Marsden Moor Marathon, a LWDA trail walk/run. The first five miles were uphill, Paul described it as brutal!

The Isle of Wight has been a draw to GBRC members in the last couple of weekends. Here is a picture of some of the intrepid round the Island walkers enjoying a sit down on the chain ferry!