Men’s Newsletter – February 2022

Hi everyone, its been a while since the last newsletter for which I can only apologise, it has been an incredibly busy time both personally and at the club. I’d initially like to say well done to you all as we put on another great half marathon despite the weather that was inclement to say the least! We had some fantastic times from our male runners; well done to Tim Ballard. Harry Swinbourne, Charlie Keitch, Richard Heath, David Wright and Phil Gilsenan for some fine performances. Talking of fine performances well done to Craig Mitchell, Simon Leggett, Richard Heath and Ashley Spooner who made their way to parliament hill on Saturday for the National XC Championships – for those of you who haven’t run there before you do need to experience it whilst you can, I’ve done it once and just standing at the start looking at the hill and mud certainly focuses the mind.

As fine performances go though I can’t go much further without mentioning our cross country season in the NESS league, I’ve been a member of the club for around 10 years now and there’s not been one of those years where there hadn’t been a call to arms for the last race of the season to get as many runners out to secure our place in Pool A for another year. A position that we didn’t see this season so well done to all of you who ran and secured us an excellent 3rd place finish. I’ve been discussing the XC meal and will be coming out shortly with a date and place for you – hopefully there be a good turnout.

You would have seen a few email from secretary Mags recently regarding a few things so I’ll take each in turn:

  • End of year awards – this has been rearranged for the 26th March in the village hall following the postponement of the original at the end of the year following the ceiling collapse in the hall. Unfortunately I’m not around that evening but hopefully many of you are. Please respond to Mag’s and let her know if you’re coming its always a good evening celebrating your performances with awards, food, drink and dancing
  • The AGM which will be held on the 6th April. As always all the committee positions are available for you if you fancy getting more involved with the running of the club, please let Mags know if you’re interested in any role. However, as I said before I am standing down as mens captain and the good news is that there are 3 people who have expressed an interest in being the next captain, there is still tie for you to add your name to that list if you want to be considered.
  • The Friday 5 – this is the 5 mile series that is run across 6 Fridays leading up to our own 5 mile race on the 1st July which is the final run in the series (and the best of course!). We have started to plan for the race, applying for licences and arranging medical provision as well as everything else. If you are interested in running the series then there are people who have done them all before like Mags and Charlie Keitch who’d be more than happy to tell you more about it. You will receive a series award if you run 4 of the 6 races – these are presented to you at the annual Eikiden run in the summer. Please don’t enter our race at this time though as we need to make sure we have enough marshals for the race before we have a draw for our runners. More information on this will follow in due course.
  • Essex Road Relays – this is coming up quickly and it would be good to get as many runners and teams out as we can. Its on the 10th April at Northern Gateway, we normally have quite a few teams entering with all abilities catered for. Let Meera know if you would like to get on the list I’m sure she’ll be pleased to hear from you.

So runner of the month, once again Paul and I put our heads together, this month it was whilst we made our way around one of our Isle of Wight training walks (yes walking is much more our pace these days!) and chatted about various people and races that have caught our eye recently. You just need to have a read through the excellent race reports to see what’s been going in race wise. When it came down to it though we kept coming back to one name. You wouldn’t have seen this man’s name in the race reports but I think you’ll all have seen him around and about at a variety of training sessions – hill running up Balkerne Hill (which is where I met him), over at the Northern Gateway track and on Sunday social runs mainly. This training has certainly seen him progress enormously but above all is is a bloody nice bloke. So well done to our runner of the month Minesh Patel.