Men’s Newsletter – September

I’m am really late this month so my apologies – things are really busy but i’ll do my best next month to get the report out earlier! Its been another busy month as racing has really started to pick up and races that were postponed in lockdown are being run. Many of you have been going far afield to get your race fix with Martin Owen going to Bedford, Dave Jones down to Brighton for their marathon and then Martin’s Cotton and Owen running over in Nottingham. I must mention Martin Owen who is running half marathons galore and seeing his times come down with 1:49:25 being his achievement at Nottingham – hopefully we’ll see each other at training at some point soon to have a catch up!

Talking of training i must once gain thank all the coaches for putting on a wide variety of sessions throughout the week and at various locations around and about, it is becoming harder to find good well lit areas for training now that the nights have drawn in.  I know that the track session that was held over at Northern Gateway was well received, unfortunately I couldn’t make that one myself but hopefully i’ll be able to for any future dates. Looking ahead we have cross country coming up and I know that many of you have put your name down on Vicky’s list, it would be good to get large numbers out at the races again this year as that has always been the telling factor in us being able to punch above our weight and maintain our Pool A status.  This year will be no different it will be great to see loads of blue vests out on the courses and enjoying the mud.  For any new members cross country is good fun (you probably need to do it to be convinced) – they are mass starts with plenty of runners and hopefully some nice puddles and plenty of mud, we do turn out in style and are well renowned for sticking around at the events and eating copious amounts of cake at the end so even if you’re not sure about the running part, give it a go there will definitely be cake waiting!

The Geoff Day race was great – it was fantastic to see a large turnout from the club, I hope you enjoyed the revised route the feedback I’ve had so far is that it was better the course used for Mickey Edwards and for me the fact that it takes out the part of the course that is on the road round some sharp busy bends in the road is a great benefit.  I know Ryan and Donny and all of their family really appreciate this race being run every year and they always turn out in large numbers themselves, you never know they may be able to get some of their mates to join the club and turn out at cross country too!  If you want to see how good a runner Geoff was just take a look at the top ten performances on the website Geoff tops the list in 7 of the 9 categories and is 2nd in the other 2 (just second!).

The Geoff Day Runners

So for runner of the month – there aren’t too many occasions where you look at the result of races and the times that people post and just go wow! Well that happened to me twice in September and both by the same man and these times are phenomenal – in a 5 mile race his average speed was 5.6 minutes per mile where he posted a finishing time of 28 minutes dead at Ingatestone and then he upped his pace a bit to around 5.4 minutes a mile when he skipped around the 5k Geoff Day course.  His 5 mile time puts him at 6th place in the all time top 10 runs whilst his 5k is 3rd on the list bettered only by Joe Alexander and you guessed it Geoff Day.  Congratulations and well done to our runner of the month for September – Ryan Day.

September Runner of the Month – Ryan Day