Men’s Newsletter – March ’21

Here we are at the end of March (well the start of April by the time this is published) and there is light at the end of the COVID tunnel which hopefully this time won’t be extinguished. We have this week been able to meet up in smaller groups out doors again and this has seen the return of training sessions in groups of six. This is great news it will be really good to meet up with “other” people again and be able to socialise even if its not all back to the village hall, that is though something that is on the horizon. I’d like to thank Caroline and the coaches for being bang on the ball and getting training sessions in the diary as soon as we are able.

I know a number of you have been out and training for various events that are now coming up and will hopefully happen going forward in 2021 starting with a few events this weekend, these are mainly trail events set off in small groups. There are a few that have come up that you may be interested in:

Takeley 10k – which will be on the 6th September

Stour Valley half marathon – on the 6th June

Suffolk Trail Festival – a number of distances and timed events over the weekend of the 2nd to 4th July

Then we have our very own trail series which really is one to look forward to, Rodger will be out setting some excellent courses for us to navigate around finding places in Essex and Suffolk that we didn’t know were there. The t shirts are back for us as well all you need to do to earn one is “run them all” – I’m not sure that there needs to be a reason to run them all but based on last years offering they will be worth owning. Keep an eye out on the website for details of each of the runs. I am also thinking about how best to run Mickey Edwards this year so will be aiming to get more details out to you shortly on this.

It is also time for subs to be paid which are £25 for the year and include your EA membership which remains very good value – if you are having any difficulty with the payment then please speak to me or anyone on the committee as we would hate to loose anyone from the club over the cost of the membership. You will be seeing (or have seen) the agm documents from Mags – this should be the last time that we do this virtually but please read the details when you get a chance to see how the club is doing.

Paul and I have decided that this will be the last month where we don’t have a runner of the month, hopefully, April will see the return of some competition and see how you are performing.

Very short and sweet this month but fingers crossed the vaccination programme will contain at a pace which will help with the governments rollout and lifting of restrictions over the next couple of months. Stay safe everyone, I look forward to seeing more of you out and about as we continue training.

Cheers, Scott