So who would have thought that when I agreed to take on the Ladies Vice Captain position in 2020 the year would pass as it has and we would only just be coming out of the third lockdown? More importantly I haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of attending one face to face committee meeting and even more important than that I have been informed I have I’ve missed out on SO much cake so I cannot wait for events to start taking place so I can catch up on the fabulous Great Bentley cake!!

This will be a relatively short newsletter due to the fact there hasn’t been too much happening to report on and the AGM report will be distributed very soon. So what has been happening throughout the month of March? Some people seem to have been enjoying trail runs and the weather, at times, has been on our side to let us do this with drier conditions underfoot.

Vicky has been enjoying several trail runs with Phil, including ‘Lorna Sharp’s’ Great Bromley run, ‘Daniel’s’ Christmas trail route & our own Sixathlon East Bergholt trail run.

Other ladies have been taking on some of the training sessions that coach Caroline has shared with us including Melanie Moore & our ladies captain Mags who took on the challenging lamppost pyramid session.

Well done to Emma Levett-Welham for slowly returning to running this month after a period of inconsistent running – keep it up Emma, you’re doing great. Anna Lyon embraced the virtual Colchester half marathon and ran this in a time of 1:58:01 – amazing time Anna, well done.

Marathon training is on the cards for Zoe Reynolds who has also spent time out on the trails by running 16 miles in Nayland, good luck with whatever marathon it is you’re planning on running Zoe.

Fiona Gosling keeps on running on the beach x 2 10 mins/week. She enjoys the great surface to run on, especially in moonlight. She took this stunning photo (below) of the snow full moon in February. Plus, she is cycling 21miles/week for Year 21, doing this in 2 stints of 10.5 miles. Way to go, Fiona. What an inspiration!


Hopefully you will have all received notification that training sessions are starting again, now we are able to meet in groups of 6. Check out the Doodle poll each week to book on these sessions, we are blessed to have many coaches within the club who give up their free time to offer us a variety of training sessions – thank you so much for this everyone!!


We are starting to see events coming up, which is very exciting, but also may be a bit daunting for others. I’m confident the organisers of these events will adhere to the Covid protocols and we will all remain safe if we choose to attend these events. Maybe you could share your knowledge of events on our Facebook page and we could start safely getting together once again. It will be great to finally start seeing people again.

Some events to start you off:

Hare & Tortoise Running have multiple events planned – Race Events | handtrunning (

Stour Valley half marathon – 6th June 2021 – Stour Valley Half Marathon – The Company of Runners

North Downs 30k run 27th June  – North Downs Run | Istead and Ifield Harriers

Suffolk Trail Festival 2-4th July – Join us at the 2020 Suffolk Trail Running Festival – 3k, 10k, 6,12 or 24 hour races (

SVP 50k & 100K 14th August –

We will also have the delight of Rodgers virtual trail series again in June, which I believe if you run them all will result in being the proud owner of a lovely red t-shirt this year.

We had the club ballot for the London marathon and Mags was one of the luck people to gain a place & I am sure she will do a fabulous job of running a great time as she is very strong at the moment. There are also a few other ladies that I am aware of who will be running London this year and they are Helen Carey & Eileen Shadford, both of whom secured a good for age place – well done ladies I am sure you will also have great runs.

Kathy Bishop has secured a charity place for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, which is a charity very close to her heart, and you can read more about that on her Just Giving page If you haven’t already then follow the link to donate if you are feeling generous, I am sure she would be very grateful of any donations to help her meet her target of  £2000. She also has an easter competition where you can win a jarful of easter eggs for £2 if you guess the correct amount of eggs (see photo below) . You can enter this by donating £2 (or more 😊) along with your name & guess to her JustGiving page – the winner will be announced on Easter Sunday so make sure you donate in time for your chance to have your one last fill of calories before we come out of this lockdown.

Questions of the month

As you are now aware that Anna Lyon is stepping up as a Ladies’ Vice Captain, so we thought it would be nice to re-introduce her to our ladies through the usual set of questions.

Age Category: 50:54 (just phew)
Occupation: Learning Support Assistant
How long have you been in GBRC for: 12 years I think?
The silliest thing you did on a race: Turned up in the wrong county, whizzed over and started the other race 15 mins later.  My friend and I then tried to overtake as many people as we could from the back – we loved it, although clearly would not advise this as the best way to start a race!
Favourite distance: 10 miles
Best achievement: Winning the Female Vet Essex County Gold Medal for the 2013 Series
What is your ultimate running goal: To keep running for as long as I possibly can – ultimately a marathon every birthday decade.
Favourite Medal/t-shirt and what for: I absolutely love the Stour Valley Marathon Medals but favourite t-shirt has to go to Colchester Half Marathon as it is probably one of the very few t-shirts that actually fits comfortably.
Interests other than running – I enjoy playing my uke and when possible travel!  Whenever I can I like to spend time on my bike and walk with the family; preferably with a mountain or two to climb.
Favourite event and worst events and why – so many favourite events all of which are closely linked to Great Bentley food and cakes afterwards. The trail runs have definitely been a highlight for me  – I love the fact that running provides such inclusiveness.  Worst event has to be the Ipswich Half Marathon – I really should not have even considered running with an injury.  I learnt the hard way hobbling over the finish line and it took me a while to regain my confidence to enter another race.
Most challenging event: This has to be the ultrarunning events; not just for the distances involved but the conditions faced – Endure was possibly one of the most challenging races but equally one of the most rewarding and memorable for so many good reasons.
Most useful running information you can share: Train hard but be realistic, accept both the good and bad runs, be kind to yourself and others you run alongside but most of all – have fun!!

Runner of the month

March has been a fairly quiet month so Mags & I had agreed to nominate you all for ROM once again…..HOWEVER I have made the executive decision to disobey our ladies captain – for which she will feel very uncomfortable about I am sure 😊 (also this will be my last effort for writing the newsletter due to handing over the reigns to Anna Lyon, so I figured Mags kind of has to let me) and I nominate our runner of the month for the following reasons:

  • She continues to go from strength to strength with her running – both with speed & endurance
  • She is a very humble lady
  • She is probably one of the most positive, supportive, motivational ladies I know when it comes to running (& many other things too)
  • She is so inclusive of all the ladies within the club and considers every one of your achievements all the time – in fact she can spend hours searching through strava & facebook to see what you have been doing in attempt to not miss anything
  • She is probably the most photgenic runner I know of – not sure how she manages to always get such great photos??
  • She has had some fanatstic ideas over the last year to keep us all motivated throughout the world of virtual running
  • One of her most endearing charateristics is how emotional she can be when she gets a pb or performs well during an event

Our runner of the month is our very own Ladies Captain Magdalena Komorowska…congratulations Mags you truly are a wonderful lady who cares about all of the ladies within our club and I am certain you will continue to do a great job for the coming year as you continue in your role of Ladies Captain!!