GBRC Sixathlon!

From the Desk of Rodger, Scott, Tomasz and Paul

Rodger has come up with another wizard scheme to get us through Covid 19.

We are putting on a series of 6 virtual races. We will sort divisions for both male and female competitors. The divisions will be sorted as the results come in, so your position could be a mystery right to the end!!. Points will be awarded for each race and there will be a cumulative total. We’d ideally like everyone to do every race. However, there is no reason why someone cannot do some of the races. They just won’t qualify to be on the score board for the overall event.

There is a variety as can be seen below. The races can be run in any order at any time.  Watch for local restrictions but at the moment, with careful social distancing it is possible to run in groups of up to 6. (Though smaller may be safer and we’d like only 2-3 to go on the full trail run together. Hopefully that may change as restrictions ease! Keep a watch on which Tier we are in.

We’d like everyone to register ASAP. (But we will accept late entrants as we are lovely people!) The event will start on 14th December. Last day to complete is 28th Feb. please remember social distancing. (Can’t say this too often, so no apologies for repetition!)

This is a fun event and so we have tried to use as few rules as possible!!

Your times are taken strictly on trust. We do not need Strava etc. All you have to do is email your result to the nearest whole second to Paul, Scott, Rodger and Tom (see below). You can choose when you do each event and you do not need to tell us when you are running-just the result of each course.  For the East Bergholt trail run you need to start your watch by your car as you set off and stop it as you return to your car. (And please only the first time you do that course should count.)  That way we all have exactly the same distance (unless you get lost!!). You don’t need to text when you start and finish. As with all of the other events just email the time taken to us. 

The six events are as follows :-

  1. 1 lap of Abbey Fields in Colchester
  2. 5k – North of Colchester
  3. 5 miles around Great Bentley
  4. 10k cross country in Brightlingsea
  5. 10 miles Clacton to Walton and back
  6. 6 mile trail run from East Bergholt

Ladies times to be sent to Scott:         

Men’s times to be sent to Rodger :;

And any queries at all can be sent to any of us :-

Instructions as follows :-

Lap of Abbey Fields:

1 lap of Abbey Field running round the perimeter on the tarmac pavement. You can start where you like as long as you finish in the same place. Location is Circular Road North, Colchester CO2 7SU (running track)

5k at Colchester 

Start at lamppost number 62 on Mill Road this will have “S” marked on the pavement. Follow the pavement turning left where necessary to stay on the pavement. You will run approximately 2.5k to Mill Road traffic lights where you turn around and run back to the start. Finish at lamppost 42 on Severalls Lane – marked “F” on the pavement.

Please note there is one road junction to cross please take care, it’s not busy but you do need to take care.

Great Bentley 5 mile (just under)

Start at corner of industrial estate directly opposite the village hall. Run down Plough Road towards Aingers Green, ignore first road junction on left crossing the road. At second road junction turn left up St Mary’s Road. At the crossroads turn right and go past the Fusilier pub on your left.

At end of the road turn left, at next road junction turn left and head up Tye Road. At next junction turn left along Lovers Lane. When you get back to the crossroads go straight over, back down St Mary’s Road. When you get to the end of the road turn right and head back towards village hall.

Finish is where you started from at the industrial estate. 

10k at Brightlingsea (just under)

Start is to the right of Batemans cafe, next to the gate.

Take the path behind the beach huts and along the river which is on your left. 

At the first kissing gate go straight on keeping river to your left.

After about another mile and a half, at second kissing gate 

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take the track on the right after going through it. 


Follow this track, eventually uphill. At house on your left

continue straight on towards the quarry. 

Don’t head right towards the farm.

After approx 200 metres at way marker sign 

go right and downhill to the field

and follow path across the open field.

and head straight across the top of the quarry.

At the end of the quarry turn directly right on footpath

 into the woods with the red sign on your right.

Take the footpath through the woods taking various turns with path. You will soon leave woods into an enclosed path. Follow path back to the river and first kissing gate where you turn left back towards Batemans tower.

Finish point is where you started.

Clacton 10 mile:

Start at shelter opposite Kingscliff Hotel – 55 Kings Parade, Holland-on-Sea, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 5JB

Start at shelter. Straight along sea front in direction of Walton, with sea on right, keeping as close to the sea as you can passing 

Clacton-on-Sea Sailing Club

Straight ahead, at end of Frinton golf course take steps to your right

Straight ahead to Walton pier

Turn around and back to the shelter by Kingscliff Hotel

Trail run:

Normal trail run rules apply. It is approx 6 miles, starts at public car park in East Bergholt (free of charge) with toilets. Car park is behind the Red Lion, The Street, East Bergholt, CO7 6TB

Trail run notes here