Men’s Newletter August 2020

The month of August went from some of the hottest days of the year to something that feels distinctly Autumn now which seems to be quite a change in temperature to deal with when you are running. Once again thanks to Paul who has put together “The month ahead” which you’ll come across below. The number of coaching sessions that the club are now offering are increasing which is great and the Doodle polls that Caroline has set up seem to be working well and the sessions are starting to fill up. Please keep an eye out on these as we progress into September and the light fades in the evening as Caroline and the coaches will be looking for places around and about to safely hold sessions.

The trail runs have reached the 3 rd round and having run them all this one is the best so far, it’s a beautiful course around the Pin Mill area with some challenging hills to deal with to boot. After 2 rounds Charlie Keitch and Chris Warren are top of the charts but are being chased down by Tim Ballard, it definitely looks like we will be having an interesting end to the series. Round 4 is in the Alton Water area and seems like its another corking course so this is my chance once again to thank Rodger for plotting these courses and setting them up for us. On that front please can we all respect the rules of the event, these are self-navigating courses and you should us the instructions to navigate the course and not rely on others who have run the course to take you around. Obviously, if you want to go and run them again please do (they are great courses) but don’t take others around with you on their timed runs. If you do run the course again you don’t need to inform Rodger as these won’t count towards the overall series result.

Mags and Pauls reach for the stars started this last month too and there were some excellent times from everyone who took part. Paul Connells’ 5 star 5 mile run is a great run I look forward to seeing how he improves on this time but then again when I’ve seen him at some training sessions he is
running really well. Here is the full list of runs in the event:

The committee have been discussing the potential of running our Half Marathon in February and have been reading the England Athletics advice on running a COVID safe race. Unfortunately, we have decided that it is not possible to run a safe race under these conditions and have decided to postpone the event and look to run it later in the year – potentially in September.

The Vice Captains month ahead…
Rodgers trail run – Round 4 is here already and this time we head out to Stutton for 6.5 miles of self navigating trail fun. The instructions, rules and all of the important safety advice can be found on the GBRC website in the ‘Our Races’ section. Please, please, please embrace the spirit of the trail runs by playing by the rules, Rodger invests a huge amount of time into the trail run series and it would be disrespectful if we can’t observe a few simple rules when we take part.

GBRC Sessions – Caroline continues to refine the Doodle Polls to provide more detailed information to make booking the training sessions easier. The training sessions continue to be very popular, keep an eye open for the emails from Caroline that she sends on a weekly basis. There is a verbal health questionnaire in compliance with track and trace guidelines set out by EA, please do not attend any of the sessions if you are showing any Covid-19 symptoms and remember your social distancing etiquette during the sessions.

Reach for the Stars – By now many of you will have run your first ‘baseline’ run during August and will be working on your speed and endurance in order to improve your time during September. If you didn’t take part in August (Let’s face it the weather wasn’t great, either a sweltering 35 degrees
or a 50mph winds!) its not too late to join in. The objective is to choose a distance to focus on and endeavour to improve your time at this distance each month to earn some of Eric’s coveted virtual star awards. Mags has set up an events page on Facebook for uploading your results and mug-shots!

A few races are happening!!! – Essex Trail Events have a run organised during September:
27th Sept ‘Don’t Hit The Wall Trails’ 14 or 7 miles from Bradwell Marina
Sept 20th Trifarm have organised an Autumn Trail 10k starting at Trifarm, Church Road, Chelmsford
Keep running and stay safe

Runner of the month
So once again Paul and I agreed almost straightaway on the runner of the month. For the past few months this guy has put in some excellent performances a sub 20 minute 5k in the Geoff Day race a stand out of these. This month has seen him run a 1:15 10 Mile in Reach for the Stars which is a 3 star baseline, all that and he is a damned nice bloke so well done to Martin Steinwand who is August 2020 runner of the month.

August’s Runner of the Month Martin Steinwand