Last full week of January Blues

Here we are again, for another week of racing to report on. The joy and consistency of running so frequently in whatever terrain and so many differing events never ceases to surprise us reporters. We like to be kept on our toes…

Sunday report first.

Martin Owen has a particularly busy weekend ; after initially a Park run Saturday (see below) Martin travelled to Hampshire for the Farnborough half marathon. This race is organised by 2:09 events (the same group as New York and Chicago Marathons), and is popular, with 2000 participants this year. There is no parking on site, but the town multi storey car park is cheap and a short walk.

The course laps a business park before moving around an airfield and then towards Aldershot along closed roads, quite scenic, listed as flat, with some gradual inclines, There is a dead turn but quite a few points where you run back against the others so never feels isolated.

Martin highly recommended the race ; The church even had a tent set up for free tea, coffee and cake pre and post race – with a a huge swag of goodies for the finishers, includes bars, bottles, drinks. One to recommend in the future years for GBRC runners who fancy a bit of a trek around the M25 etc.

Martin was very pleased with running at a controlled and relaxed pace to finish in a time of 01:51 – well inside his target time of 2:00 ..with the added advantage of witnessing a very rapid celebratory runner , broadcaster Sophie Raworth.

A delighted Martin Owen with his well earned half mara medal

Hercules Labour – Phoenix Running.

Leoni Harvey and Emma Levett-Welham travelled to Harlow, and tackled this tough race, with laps along the canal and the River Stort. They both ran 19.7 miles, Emma using it as part of her marathon training, to earn the below awesome medal – tough, but enjoyable in the end !

Pedlars Way Ultra.

Gemma Colling took on this event way which runs all the way from Thetford to Holme next to the sea on the Norfolk coast – a lovely route and very well organised. This race that had a bit of everything- Floods, mud, hills and an unusual bit where runners had to run past the finish down the beach for half a mile to rip a page out of a book then back to the finish – Gemma said this was the best bit , which buddy Debs Hollidge enjoyed watching on on the tracker .

Hadleigh Legacy 10k

Seemingly running everywhere and every week, blue Anna Young travelled to this somewhat surprisingly scenic (to the uneducated) part of Essex for this 10k. Anna had a confidence boosting and more importantly fun time completing the race with (1:05:12 chip). This location is challenging , says Anna – but rewarding and a great atmosphere and support.

Anna Young in the lovely scenery at Hadleigh, south Essex

Saturday Park Run Update

Fountains Abbey parkrun

Rob Ferguson was doing some more parkrun tourism, this time in Yorkshire with the other whippets. Rob was privileged to also see one of the gold parkrun relay battons in the wild for the first time. Rob’s time was a course PB in 19:58 in 27th place.

Fountain’s Abbey Parkrun – one of the best Parkruns according to Rob

Colchester Castle Park Run

Martin Steinwand took 7 seconds off his course PB , with 20.45 – including a shoe lace proble which he had to stop and tie ! for 27th place , Richard Moor 21.13  Duncan Scott 21:35, Meera Rajoo-Oakley 23:10 , Russell Clarke 24:11, Adrian Cherry 25:06, Frank Gardiner 28:54 , Teresa Farmer 29:34.

 Highwoods Parkrun

The new Winter route B was fruitful for the blues this week, with the blues securing first places for both ladies and men this week. Magdalena Komorowska was first lady with 24.41, which was also a course PB…Mags really enjoyed the route, and it showed with that result ! David Wright with 19:44 took 1st place . Chris Warren breezed to 4th 22:17 having chatted all the way round to Charlie Keitch 5th in 22:20. Daniel Whymark 25:04, in his first parkrun as a Bentley Blue finished in 22nd place, with 25:04, second age category, in what was also his 50th parkrun. Malcolm Jarvis ran a course a PB in 23:10, Paul Hollidge 26:06, Scott Young 26:18, Donna Harris 29:30, Debs Hollidge 30:23, Alexander Veronica 30:29, Victoria Law 32:17, Barbara Law 37:55. Anthea Colsell Highwoods ran to 26.31 , for 3rd lady home and 2nd in age category.

David Wright floating at Highwoods Parkrun

Life’s a gas for Chris Warren and Charlie Keitch – Malcolm Jarvis observing in the background

A typically determined Barbara Law at Highwoods

Another jolly boys outing for Captain Scott Young and VC Paul Hollidge.Anthea Colsell in the background

Maldon prom Park Run

Robin Oakley ran the prom in a time of 20:17

 Clacton Sea Front Parkrun

A good turnout of blues on the seafront. Dave Goldsmith continued his comeback for VLM training with 19:59 for second place. Ray Baggs in 6th place  21:01, Kevin James 24:20, Brian Telford 25:12, Patrick Reynolds 29:03, Catherine Ott, 29:09, Alison Clarke 30:06, Laura Warren 31:44, Claire Reynolds 32:39, Stewart Baggs 33:37, Sandra James 38:54 , Sam Beardswell 39:32, David Nugent 40:31.

Brian Telford on his usual Saturday morning run

Kevin James

Alison Clark sprint finish at Clacton

Stewart Baggs

Sam Beardswell

Harwich Parkrun.

Stephen Walsh was first blue finisher with 25:22. Justine Sheekey took it steady after a week of illness to get back out again with 26:15. Dave Jones (26:36) had a good pace and steady pace in his first Park run without faithful dog Barney.

Dave Jones – missing pal Barney but zipping around Harwich

Justine Sheekey – with Joe and Noah – and no vertigo !

Ipswich Parkrun

Martin Owen started his running weekend with 27:57 at the hills of Christchurch Park

Junior Parkrun.

Three of our blues were at Clacton on Sunday morning ; Cienna Telford 11:00 , Darcey Jones 19:01, Clara Jones 22:31 .

Well done everyone – stay safe, and keep on enjoying all these fantastic runs, races , and training – and look after one another as usual.