Men’s Newsletter – August

Another month has flashed by and we are now entering Autumn – I’m not sure where the summer went but I am told that we did have one.  The Chairman’s challenge seems to have caught the imagination with quite a few of us currently training towards the Six Dales in November which is a 25 to 26 mile trail in Staffordshire.  It is a tough one to train for with plenty of people trying to find hills to train on in an attempt to replicate the peak district (that is a challenge in itself!), however, the last of Rodgers trail runs (advertised at 13 miles but plenty clocking 14 miles) made a good attempt at recreating this for us.  This was a great event so thanks to Rodger for finding a great course and also we need to extend our thanks to the Presland’s who gave up their home to host the event and provide us with food and drink at the end – thank you all.

As we move into Autumn and Winter the cross country season will be upon us again, the fixtures are out and on our website, here’s the link have a look and get the dates for those that you can do in the diary  You will notice that on the 3rd November there is the Great Bentley Running Club hosted cross country race – this will be run on hilly fields at Sheepen Road, Meera is doing some great work in getting everything organised for the event.  Obviously, there will be plenty for us all to do on the day and days leading up to the race so look out for emails and requests for help.

As the days start to shorten our training locations will start to shift but as always our coaches are putting on some excellent sessions throughout the week. Caroline and the team work hard to make sure that they put on interesting and varied training sessions for us, the outcome of which are seen in some excellent results from you all in the races that you do.

So the victim of the questions for this month is Paul Carlisle one of our co-chairman and until the start of this year our club secretary for as long as I have been a member.  Paul is one of those people who always seem to be there and helping out and whilst he may take the **** out of me a good laugh to run with, so here are his answers:

Age: 59: the big birthday falls just before Xmas this year!

Occupation: Civil Servant

Started running: I ran back in the early 80s but got out of the habit when the children came along. I started again about 2006

Favourite running distance: I really enjoy long distance trail runs. For road races it has to be marathon distance.

PB at this distance3:42 Halstead 2018

Claim to fameGot invited to No.10 and met John Major/been interviewed by Radio London and Belgium TV as part of my job/ wrote a piece with Professor Loveday which was published in an academic journal. 

Best running advice you ignored: Don’t go off too fast at the London marathon. Worst race i have ever run!! (Even worse than this year’s Stour Valley!) 

Celebrity you would like to have dinner with & why: Haile Gebrselassie.  Not only a superb runner (often rated as the world’s greatest distance runner) but an human being we can all admire. I trained with a bloke who ran Berlin one of the year’s he broke the record: Gebrselassie came out and shook hands and congratulated many of the runners at the end. He is doing some incredible work in Ethiopia to relieve poverty and create work.  And as he’s only 5’5″ I am a bit taller than him!!!!!

Favourite cakeWhatever I have in my hand as long as it’s home baked. 

Paul C

So to racing it seems that we have definitely hit the 2 ends of the distance spectrum in August with a number of 5k’s certainly at the various Parkrun’s around the county and also further afield with a number of you doing some Parkrun tourism – being a veteran of over 200 Parkrun’s myself I would recommend it as a great start to the weekend they are free and as such I take many as more of a chance to have a bit of a social but then head over to a flatter course (Harwich Prom) if chasing a time or seeing how your speed is.  At the other end of the spectrum we saw Peter Benton take on the 50k Stour Valley Path race finishing in an excellent 56th place in just over 6 hours.  Then we have Paul Davison who seems to be clocking up the miles at an alarming rate (well alarming for me as they seem incredible distances), running what feels like a marathon distance at least every weekend culminating in an incredible second place with 62.4 miles at the Hare and Tortoise Outrun 12 race at the end of the month.  So congratulations to Paul who was a unanimous decision for VC Paul and I as this month’s runner of the month.

Paul D