Many thanks to Vice-Captain Debs for this month’s newsletter…

As the summer holidays are coming to a close the training is heating up ready for a busy autumn and winter of running. August has brought us a mixed bag of weather with races being cancelled due to high winds one minute and then high temperatures effecting our training the next! That being said this hasn’t stopped us getting out and about and producing some excellent times!

Parkrun is one of the best running “inventions” in my opinion and we sure do make the most of them. We travel far and wide to get our barcodes scanned and check the results to see where we have placed. We visited the usual places (Clacton, Harwich, Castle Park, Highwoods, Mersea) but we also visited Felixstowe, Gorleston, Clare and Prudhoe Riverside.


Talking of parkrun, I would like to encourage people to look into purchasing a wristband as this holds your I.C.E information and notes any medical conditions you may have.  The committee have discussed the possibility of producing a GBRC equivalent – more to follow.  And leading nicely on from that, another topic that is regularly discussed at the committee meeting is Standards.  We are in the process of producing a survey to discuss how we go forward so once again, please watch this space!

This month being the children’s holidays I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate our juniors.  Both the boys and girls have produced some great times and some juniors are even taking on the adults parkrun distance.  Well done all.  And a big thanks to Toni for providing not one but two junior sessions.  I saw the pictures and it looked like you all had great fun.  I hope you are all looking forward to getting wet and muddy at the fast approaching cross country events!

Training sessions have been excellent this month with lots of variety not only in session content but in venue.  I have to say I really enjoyed Caroline’s hill session at Hilly Fields – I think this is a great venue for our cross country and I would encourage everyone to take a trip over there and get some practice in.  Off road running is completely different to road running and is such a good strength builder.

Some events tackled this month were off road and ultra in distance so I doth my hat to Helen Carey and Gemma Colling for their efforts at the SVP 50k.  Mid Essex Casuals and Essex trail events run some really good trail runs for approx. £5 (which includes a £2 drinks voucher to spend at the end).  Once again, these are great cross country practice.  As a club we are very lucky to have our free “Rodgers Trail events” and August saw the longest in the series which started and finished at Chez Presland where I hear you all enjoyed sausage and bacon sandwiches as well as a cold shower before/during/after your run……what more could you ask for????

So once again the difficult decision of ROTM…….we have so many fabulous ladies that this is never an easy decision to make but this month someone’s name keeps appearing in the race reports and we felt we needed to recognise her hard work.  This lady was coming on a storm in 2018 but at the end of the year she suffered a broken ankle during a 10k race which kept her off her feet for several weeks.  Since she has been fit enough to be able to train again she has put the hours and miles in and her hard work and determination paid off.   This month she bagged a course PB at Felixstowe parkrun, came top half in her age category at the Clacton 10k and came 6th in the Harwich 5k series.  Well done Teresa, keep up the good work!