Mens Newsletter May 2019

The end of my second month and its been another month of excellent running from all of you.  As the weather turns hotter make sure you stay hydrated, its easy to not take on enough fluid and start to not feel great especially on those longer runs. I’m not a fan of carrying a bottle so I usually stash one somewhere on route where I can loop back to for a quick rest and some refreshment.

May has seen the start of the clubs Micky Edwards 5k handicap series which saw a massive turnout on race 1 – I think the 68 runners was a record – it was certainly a tough one to corral you all into the right order at the start.  I’d like to thank Luke Groves for his work on getting the series run – there is always an unseen pressure just making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. The changes that were implemented at the finish for race 2 certainly seemed to have a positive effect and there wasn’t a back log getting through the finish funnel.

So whilst I’m talking about our races I have to mention our Friday 5 which is on the 5th July, hopefully, you’ve all seen either my email or Facebook post about volunteering which has seen an excellent response from you all.  That said we still need more volunteers so if you can help then please let me know either via the Facebook post or by email (my address is  Its my first race as the race director and we have a reputation to maintain of putting on the best races and having the best post race refreshments (in other words cake) so please bake away too.

You would also have seen Meera’s note about Ekiden, this is a great club event that sees you in teams of 5 running either 7.6k, 5k or 10k to make up the marathon distance in your team.  Its held over at Woodbridge school and is a well supported event with teams from all the local clubs as well as some local businesses and social teams.  So if you haven’t let Meera know that you’d like to be involved then please do so as soon as possible as she’ll be finalising the teams soon.  This year the Ekiden is run on Sunday the 14th July – hopefully i’ll see you there.

Rodger’s trail runs have also been a popular event this year with race 2 having been run over the countryside around Brantham.  This was an excellent run following footpaths that again I didn’t know were there.  Its always handy to hold onto the instructions for these as they make excellent routes from training runs as well as for dog walks…..which is generally what I use them for!  The next one is on June 23rd and is 10 Rodger miles – if you are intending on running please click “going” on the Facebook event.

We’ve had quite a few new members in the last month so a big hello and welcome to Sam Beardsell, Adrian Crooks, Mike Hinton, Jonathan Mann, Kevin Pyle, Patrick Reynolds (welcome back Patrick!), James Royce, Shaun Swinbourne, Richard Osborne and Rob Seward.  I have met some of you and look forward to meeting the rest of you over the coming weeks.

I also have to mention the ultra marathon that my good mate and our VC Paul Hollidge is running next week.  This is a big challenge for Paul as he runs to the Tower all in the aid of charity – you’ll have seen some posts from Paul along with the chance to win £30 for predicting his finish time.  If you have a few quid to spare please have a look at Paul’s posts and pass it his way.

So my next volunteer for meet your committee is our new membership secretary Nick Goodman (please be aware that there is some distressing cake news below so if you are of a fragile disposition please skip over and move onto the runner of the month!)

Name: Nick Goodman
Occupation: I manage work placements and internships at the University of Essex  
Started running: Caught the bug in 2016
Favourite running distanceI do like a half marathon.
PB at this distance1:41.37
Claim to fameI once accidentally presided over the marriage of a friend of mine in Cyprus.  Not sure that is a claim to fame though.  And I have an unhealthy knowledge of UK postcodes. 
Best running advice you ignored: I once saw one of the King brothers out whilst I was on a long training run.  I had already done about 30km and as I was casually chatting to him he gave me the sage advice of “If you can talk whilst running, then you can run faster”
Celebrity you would like to have dinner with & why: I should probably say something wise like Obama, Mandela or Gandhi.  But in reality, I would be quite happy to have a beer and some peanuts with Bob Dylan (to say “thank you”), or a White Russian and a burger with the Dude.
Favourite cakeAm I still allowed to be a GBRC member if I admit that I am not a huge cake fan?  My favourite crisps are Prawn Cocktail but if I have to choose a cake, Salted caramel with fresh cream.  I don’t even know if that is a cake.  I don’t really know much about cakes. 


So runner of the month, to say that myself and Paul would like you to organise yourselves so that you take it in turns to put in good performances so that our selection is easy would be an understatement! Once again there have been some awesome results from you all – the training that Caroline and the Lirfs and Cirfs put on is really paying dividends.  We have seen Paul Connell run his first marathon in under 3 hours and 20 at the hilly Halstead course as well as running some cracking 5k times, Dave Jones keeps progressing at pretty much every race he does, Tim Ballard (last months ROM) winning the inaugural Manningtree 10k.  New member Kevin Pyle missed out on a 10k bronze standard by a few seconds a couple of times, Rob Ferguson has been running consistently well and gained a PB of 19.11 at the Harwich 5k series and Ade Cherry went off to Edinburgh and ran his first marathon in an excellent 3:53:51 which was well under his sub 4 target.  VC Paul also needs a mention as he has run 3 and a half marathons this month as he builds up the mileage for his race to the Tower.

But here is a list of PB’s all secured in the last week of May – 10k PB at Hatfield Broad Oak, a 5k PB at Micky Edwards and a sub 22 minute time and then a 5 mile PB at Kirton the first Friday 5 of the series.  Rob had also run PB’s in some of these distances earlier in the month but obviously decided that he could do better! Excellent running and well done to our Runner of the Month for May Rob Dyer.