A look back

An exceptionally busy month! With two Bank Holidays, May usually gives us loads of racing options and this year was no exception. We had ladies representing the club at the following: parkrun; HBO 10k; Mayflower half; the Colchester Zoo Stampede; Great Wall Marathon; Dobs Weir 10 miler; Kirton Friday 5; Ipswich Twilight 5k; Angles Way Ultra; Witham 10 miler; Halstead Marathon; trail runs; endurance events; obstacle course races; etc!!

What a list! We also had the start of the Mickey Edwards series, hosted by our club with the goal of encouraging improvement for all at the 5k distance. So far some impressive performances where people are beating their expected times, well done.

Special mention to the ladies at Halstead Marathon… the ones who helped at Water Station 1! GBRC ‘hosts’ a water station at this marathon every year and this year we definitely had fun. Our ghetto-blaster didn’t quite go up to 11 but we could hear it to dance even if the runners couldn’t. Thank you ladies (and gents 😉 ) who came to help out that morning.

Training also seems to be going well for many. Don’t forget that our training sessions are set to complement each other so if you can get to a few they will work wonders for you. If, like me, you can only make training once in a while then use the training schedule to give you ideas for your own sessions to get maximum benefit.

Well done to everyone who has run during May, you’ve done the club proud.

A look ahead

June will bring warm weather so I will repeat advice that you will have heard so many times… stay hydrated! This doesn’t mean guzzling water before and after running, it means ensuring you drink plenty of water throughout the day every day (even on rest days) so that when you do come to exercise your body can cope with it.

Other warm weather warnings are to make sure you use suncream! I find I seem to sweat it off within a mile, but it probably helps a little so will keep trying to protect my skin. Also consider clothing choices to avoid over heating: sometimes a thin-fabric long sleeve is better than a thicker t-shirt.

Finally, if like me you are getting the short-shorts out; I recommend investing in some Sportsshield anti-chafing stuff; or a big pot of Vaseline as the heat seems to make leg chafing even worse.

You will have also received your annual membership information from England Athletics this week. In there you will see an advert for “In Case of Emergence (ICE)” wrist bands and key tags. With the likelihood of feeling ill that little bit greater in the hot weather I will encourage you to get one of these and wear it when training. An alternative to one of these is to wear your parkrun wristband if you have one and if it has your ICE contact on it. We hope never to need it, but having an emergency contact might be invaluable one day so worth thinking about.

Enough with the advice… what running is up for offer in the next month?

Mickey Edwards continues on Wednesday nights. If you haven’t run already you can still join in. The goal is to beat your expected time / previous time and the more you do that the more points you score. The rain seemed to put people off this last week, but June will bring great conditions so make sure you put Wednesday’s in your diary!

The Friday 5 series has now started. These are 5-mile runs on a Friday evening around Suffolk. It is great to see a massive blue turn out at these events, so if you can go and support these races, do! The last race in the series is our own. Don’t enter this one!! If you do want to run our race we ask that you volunteer to marshal and there will be a ballot to give out places in the race once all marshal requirements have been met.

Please please try and help at our Friday 5 if you are free that Friday. Income from our races (the Friday 5 and our half marathon) is what keeps our subs low each year so it is important we ensure they are great races and continue to attract entrants every year.

The next round of Rodger’s trail run series is on June 23rd and is a 10 miler. If you are going to come to this please let Rodger know before hand by clicking “going” on the Facebook event.

If you are a fan of the off road I will advertise the Belhus Woods 10k on 8t June. I am running this and would love not to be alone. These is part of a series that is the second Saturday of the month around Essex. I can’t go to the others in the series this year but I ran all 5 in the series in 2017 and they are great events at some really pretty country parks. Take a look here:

Speaking of 10k, I think there are a few spaces left for the Essex 10k event on the track at Braintree. OK, so no we are not going to win any medals at these, but the opportunity to run a race on the track is rare and I for one am really excited to try something new. You can enter here:

And looking further forward into July we have Ekiden! The club will enter 9 teams in this event, and we will compete against each other for the Bentley Ekiden Club (as well as enjoying our racing in the main event). If you want to run at Ekiden this year please email me and I will put you on the list. If you want more information, please search your emails for the email from Mags earlier in May, or email me and I will send it across to you. Ekiden is a fab club day so if you haven’t done it before I would encourage you to come along.

Welcome welcome…

Since I last wrote a newsletter there have been so many new ladies! I must thank Nick our new membership secretary as he is excellent for letting me know when someone new signs up… welcome to Laura, Nadia, Pippa, Zoe, Emma, Lizzie, Maria and Lyn! I hope you are enjoying Bentley so far.

What an inspiration!

Each month I hope to highlight some ladies that have personally inspired me for the dedication they put into their training, the fears or obstacles they overcome and their courage to take on new challenges. This month there were so many ladies however I have picked a few highlights:

  • An amazing runner took on an amazing challenge this month: well done Fiona Gosling for completing the Great Wall Marathon! My mind can’t even imagine how many steps that marathon entailed… massive kudos to you on that achievement.
  • Anna Young completed the Angles Way 50k Ultra. Anna seems to really enjoy long distance but some days are harder than others and from speaking to you, finishing this one was a challenge. Well done for keeping your mind strong and getting it done.
  • Congratulations to Barbara, who not only won at the Harwich 5k series this week just gone, but won an Essex Medal for her age category at the Halstead Marathon!
  • A couple of ladies stood out for me at Mickey Edwards this month: Sue T and Nikki L. No one enjoyed the conditions this week just gone but you both had really impressive runs and should be extremely pleased with your progress, well done.
  • Claire Groves this month managed to win two races in one weekend! With a win at the Two-Castles trail Half Marathon then backed up by a win at the 10k option at Hare & Tortoise, Claire has proven that she is well and truly back after her baby break. Well done Claire, this was a brilliant achievement and signals many great things to come, I can’t wait to see what you achieve this summer.
  • And 100 marathons in 100 weeks – Gemma Colling! What can I say, well done Gemma!

Runner of the Month

For many months this lady has been a front runner for Runner of the Month… and this month it is time! With a close to PB 5k at Mickey Edwards, a PB at the Witham Mayday 10 miler, and a victorious run at Rodger’s trail run this month this lady just continues to demonstrate her brilliance.

Congratulations Sarah Davison, you are our runner of the Month for May!