Mens Newsletter March 2019

So it’s the start of April (sort of!) and Luke has asked me to write this months newsletter. I have to start by thanking Luke for his work as captain this year, I have enjoyed being his second in command especially at this time of the month when we get to debate runner of the month. It was one of those things that looks like it should be simple but in reality isn’t, Luke was very good at recognising those runners who have achieved great results but maybe not in the quickest times which is something that I have admired and hope to continue in my stint as captain.

Also we are losing Russ as chairman and race director which are big shoes to fill and it didn’t surprise me that it looks like both these rules will be shared at least for the foreseeable future which just shows you how much Russ actually did, the majority of it unseen by many. So thanks to you both I hope we will still see you regularly at the club.

There have been some big races this month and in turn done excellent results from you as all the hard miles of training start to pay off. There was the Colchester half where we had 20 runners with some massive PBs and standards gained from the likes of James Royce, Ade Cherry, Tom Komorowski and Neil Robins as well as a brilliant 41st place finish for lat months runner of the month David Wright. Also we had 6 pacers of varying speeds, having paced at parkrun this is quite a difficult job where other people are relying on you to run at the right pace to hopefully fulfil their own goals. So it’s a hard thing to do and getting it right over 13 miles just adds to the difficulty so well done and thanks to Ben Ficken, Craig Warriner, Craig Mitchell, Kevin James, Lee Clarkson and Luke Groves for giving up your time to pace others round.

There were also the Essex 5k relays at Harwich where there was a gale blowing, there was a picture of me doing the rounds where it clearly shows how much I loved it! That said there were still standards gained by done of you. It was great to note the return to competitive running of one of our coaches Michael Simmons who had a great run gaining a bronze standard into the bargain. We also saw the Colchester 15 and 7.5 mile races, some half marathons including Chris Warren running in Benidorm Rob Blackman at Cambridge and Luke in London, the Essex 20 and the Grizzly.

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Finally there have been the usual glut of parkruns with our takeover at Mersea which I would like to thank everyone who gave up their Saturday morning to help.

The GBRC trail runs started again on Sunday, the first one at Ramsey which was an excellent route. This was really well supported which is great these are really good fun and I hour to do more of them this year. Rodger and Eric organise things really well with sort from John and Sue Mckay as well as Phil Presland who gave up his time again to marshal the final crossing across the A120.

The race reports give you more detail on these races so go and have a read if you haven’t already done so.

We have our Friday five race looming at the beginning of July. Like the half earlier in the year you’re help in marshalling this will soon be requested asking with the chance to run for some after the marshalling places have been filled. The subs for the club are kept at a great price and are supplemented by income from this race and the half so please help if you are able to.

Now the clocks have sprung forward training will return outside on Wednesday’s with boot camp stopping until the clocks turn back again. I love this time of year with more daylight giving us the opportunity to run around the lanes in Bentley, our coaches put on some great sessions throughout the week and will help you achieve your goals.

So to runner of the month, again, this is always a tough decision and this month is no different. We have had some excellent performances many mentioned above. Luke and I had a messenger conversion last week with a few notable considerations; Tim Ballard has returned from injury and smashed out a silver standard at the Essex 20, David Wright came 41st at Colchester half, Neil Robins bagged a six minute PB also at Colchester half, James Royce hasn’t been at the club long and got a silver standard along with a PB again at Colchester. However, this month the runner of the month is Tomasz Komorowski who has continued his recent fine form with a PB at Colchester and a great run at the Grizzly. Well done Tomasz.

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