Some notices before we start:

Tomorrow is the Club’s Annual General Meeting. This will commence at 8pm at the Village Hall. There is a training session with Coach Caroline beforehand at 7pm. All are encouraged to attend the AGM if they are able to do so: it is the Committee’s chance to report back on the year and we will be welcoming new members of the Committee as well.

On behalf of all of the ladies squad, I will take this chance to thank Russ and Luke, two members of the Committee who are standing down, for their hard work in keeping the club going.

Subs are now due! If you have yet to pay these, please try to do so as soon as possible as it really makes Eileen and Nick’s lives easier as we renew each member’s registration with England Athletics. Paul has emailed the account details to pay subs in to (remember to put your name in the reference) and the cost of membership remains at £25 per person (bargain!).

Linked with the above, please be aware that the list of registered members will now be used as THE email list for any information we need to send out. Essentially this avoids us having to keep the email list up to date (as members that do not renew they will automatically drop off the England Athletics list) and keeps us on the right side of any data protection rules. A consequence of not renewing your membership (or paying subs promptly) will see contact from the club about events etc cease… so make sure to renew if you want to be kept up to date!

To facilitate this new system Nick (our shiny new Membership Secretary) has set up a google group. You should have received an invitation to the group. Please accept this invitation to ensure you are kept on the mailing list. If you have not received the invitation, please let Nick Goodman (or me!) know.

Finally, if you have asked for a place on the London Marathon Coach and have yet to hear from Eric regarding payment, please contact him as soon as possible!

A look back

March really marched past with LOADS of events welcoming blue vested ladies… in summary we had runners in the CHAC 15 miler; the Grizzly; the Essex 20; the Oundle 20; the Dorney Lake 20; the Essex Relays; the Colchester Half Marathon; London Vitality Half Marathon; Tokyo Marathon, parkruns…

If I wrote about it all this newsletter would be 20 pages, so I will leave you to browse the race reports on our website to see how we did in these races!

Special mention goes to Janine, who completed the Tokyo Marathon and with that completed her 6th World Major Marathon (London, Boston, Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Chicago) and is now one of only 300 ish women in the UK to have the 6-stars medal. Amazing stuff, well done Janine!

This month also saw the start of the 2019 GBRC Trail Run series (other wise known as Rodger’s trails). At the time of writing we have yet to see the results, but strava indicates that the winner of round 1 may be decided by a matter of seconds! Thanks of course to Rodger for setting the trail, John and Sue for their admin on the day and to Teresa J who managed the kitchen and made sure all of the trail runners were fed upon their return.

And finally, we couldn’t forget the event of the month: the Ladies end-of-XC-season meal. Thanks to Debs for organising; I hope everyone has a good evening! I think most of us were running the next day so maybe not the rowdiest of nights we’ve had but hopefully enjoyable none-the-less.

On that night we revealed the winner of the Ladies XC Runner of the Year vote. This year the vote was extremely close… votes were received for runners of all abilities with a variety of very true and very valid reasons given (a reason was not required with your vote; but most of you gave one!).

Winner of the vote was Emily Zethraeus. Congratulations Emily! She led our team home consistently through the season and bagged a brilliant 3rd place at Hadleigh, so I am sure we can all agree a very deserving winner of this year’s award.

A look ahead

April, for many, has a different name: Marathon Month. We are now at the point where most of us heading to marathons will have completed the longest runs of our training plans and will start to taper down. This is a crucial point in marathon preparation where trust in the plan is essential. Sneaking in an extra 16 miler will not help your fitness now, but it may push your immune system to the edge, make you susceptible to illness and result in a race-day cold. Don’t do it! Stick to what you have planned and you will be fine.

To everyone taking on the big 26.2 this month GOOD LUCK!

Of course, there is more to running than the marathon so here are a few races coming up that you may wish to take a look at:

As always don’t forget to car share when going to events. More and more parking is becoming an issue so if we can help host clubs out we should! #carsharingisgreat

With the clocks changing Wednesday night training changes to the “summer sessions”. Caroline has put the training plan for up until end of June on the website: it includes tempo runs and Mickey Edwards on our 5k course around the lanes. Take a look and start planning when you can come along!

If you plan to come to training on a Friday, note that the training session on Good Friday is at 6pm (not 7pm)!

We also have Easter Bunnies on Easter Monday… here we pair runners, who then work in relay to complete laps of the course. The first pair to complete 5 laps wins! You can just turn up on the morning so no need to plan in advance. There will also be an eggy hunt for the kids!
Paul has asked that people coming bring food – surnames A to K bring savoury and L to Z bring sweet!

Welcome welcome…

This month I welcome everyone who renews their membership with GBRC back to the club!

What an inspiration!

Each month I hope to highlight some ladies that have personally inspired me for the dedication they put into their training, the fears or obstacles they overcome and their courage to take on new challenges. This month there was such an array of achievements (see the race reports, so many PBs!!) it was almost impossible to narrow the list of ladies to write about here. This month I highlight two ladies who’s running this March would have made them runner of the month in any other month (sorry ladies!):

  • Someone who has really worked this month: she has had a PB at the Essex 20 (with Gold Standard); a solid run at the CHAC 15 miler; a PB and Gold standard at the Colchester Half Marathon and a solid performance at the Essex Relays. Well done Sarah Davison: an absolutely smashing month!
  • For the second month in a row we celebrate the achievements of Nina Simmons. This month she ran her longest ever race at the Oundle 20 mile. She also bagged a 20-minute PB at the Colchester Half Marathon! Great work Nina, you are in amazing shape coming up to London and we are all behind you as you take on the challenge.

Runner of the Month

Well, what can I say… this lady has achieved the following this month: a gold standard at 5k, a personal best at half marathon, a diamond standard at half marathon, and an age category win at a race with over 4000 runners! She is going from strength to strength in 2019 after having performed exceptionally at the marathon distance last October. I look forward to seeing how fast she can go come the summer!

Congratulations Kathy Bishop, you are March 2019’s runner of the month!