February sun shines on the Blues

We had 2 ladies who took the long road to Leeds for the English National cross country race on Saturday.  Meera Rajoo-Oakley and Vicky Presland both had excellent runs with Meera finishing in 40:06 and a strong top half finish of 489th out of 1034 whilst Vicky on the comeback trail after injury completed the 8k course in 43 minutes dead for 650th place.  Well done ladies!

image4 (2)[Meera and Vicky at the English National Cross Country in Leeds]

The sun was out unseasonably early but created excellent running conditions on Sunday for the band of blue who made their way to Tarpley for their annual 10 and 20 mile race. There was silver galore for our runners taking on the 20 mile race with Paul Hollidge (2:31:03), Debs Hollidge (3:01:08) and Mags Komorowska (2:58:25) all bagging a silver standard with Mr and Mrs Hammond also getting a pair of PB’s to boot.  Our five runners taking on the 10 mile course were Natalie Warriner (1:39:20), Sue Wright (1:52:32), Belinda Palmer Barnes (1:54:52), Alison Clarke (1:52:33) and John Bush (1:54:29) with some excellent teamwork from the Sue, Belinda, Alison and John all working together to get the 10 miles completed.

image3-2.jpeg[Our Tarpley Runners]

The weekend was kicked off on Friday with Paul Blackwell running marathon 163 at the Phoenix 6 hour Thames Challenge, obviously 163 is not a great number so Paul added number 164 on Saturday with the Jaw Dropper Marathon completing 8 laps of the Thames course (is there a 200 marathon club?).

[Marathon Bling]

Canicross is becoming more of a feature of recent race reports John Booty completed the Thetford Trails 10k (canicross race 3) in 42:38 which was good enough to finish as the 2nd male with 1 dog.  Whilst up in the Kings Forest Ben Ficken and trusty stead Janice race the 10k K9 caper race finishing as the fastest make over the 10k course in 42:55.

Also taking their dog out on a run was Dave Jones on Saturday at Harwich parkrun, he completed the 5k in 40:40 for his first run with his massive St Bernard Barney.  They were joined on their run by Teresa Jones who finish just ahead of them in 40:38.  At the other end of the race was Tim Ballard who bagged second place in 18:29 and our fourth runner on the Prom was Emma Welham (29:14).

There was a mass turnout at Colchester Castle this week with 18 runners in the park Andy Stephens (20:53), Lee Clarkson (21:09), Russell Clarke (21:39), Rich Moor (22:00), Stephen Walsh (25:00), Chusa Batis (26:04), Stephanie Mills (26:23), Paul Hollidge (26:35), Michael Simmons (27:34), Nina Simmons (27:40), Claudia Keitch (27:56), Scott Young (27:59), Christina Foreman (28:18, Marion Simmons (28:39), Fiona Gosling (29:49), Claire Poole (30:12), Teresa Farmer (32:12) and James McCullogh (39:15).

Clacton saw 8 runners doing the 3 laps of the prom this week with Paul Connell leading the way in 3rd place in 19:47 he was followed by Kevin Pyle (21:44), Kevin James (25:18), Heather England (30:56), Peter Reeve (33:54), Sandra James (37:01) and Rebecca England (41:41).  Our sole runner at Mersea was Luke Groves (25:09) and Rob Blackman went to the cross country run at Bury St Edmunds finishing in 21:11.

There was a secret parkrun too to test the course at the new Highwoods run so please don’t let anyone know that Tom Komorowski ran this event number zero in 23:47 which he described as a “lovely and hilly route”.  Well if you want to see for yourself the first run there is on Saturday the 2nd March at 9am.

Colchester Junior parkrun took place on Sunday morning and we had 3 runners Brody Wakeling bagging a  PB in 12:50 closely following sister Laci Wakeling (12:40) over the line.  Yasmin Leek (15:31) was our third runner at the Rec.

So I thought it would be a good opportunity to mention the parkrun takeover at Mersea.  We have done a few takeovers in the past and they have been highly successful and enable us as a club to take on the volunteer roles at a parkrun event.  Parkrun ask for volunteers each week to help put on the free timed runs so this is a good thing to do so that the run can be enjoyed by others.  Anyway, the 30th March is the date and Mersea parkrun is the place – they are looking for us to fill pacing roles from 18 to 40 minutes as well as marshalling, timekeeping etc. so plenty for everyone to get involved with, if you would like to volunteer then contact Scott by email scottyoung838@gmail.com and look out for the Facebook event which will be posted shortly.