Committee Roles

A reminder that the club AGM is on April 4th at 8pm in the Village Hall. Whilst we try to keep everyone up to speed with club matters, this is the committee’s formal chance to update the club on some of the behind the scenes action that you don’t always get to see, so do please come along!

On that night we will be confirming the composition of the Club Committee for the 2019/2020 year. As you know Russ will be stepping down from his roles as both Club Chair and Race Director leaving those roles vacant; Luke will be stepping down from his Captaincy role, leaving Men’s Captain vacant; and Paul had indicated he would like to try fresh challenges, so the role of Club Secretary is likely to be vacant.

Additionally, I would highlight that all club roles are up for nomination and vote every year. Anyone is welcome to propose themselves for any role within the club. Should someone propose for a non-vacant role, with the incumbent not stepping down, we will have a vote. (Long winded way of saying if you want to oust me as Ladies’ Captain no need to wait for me to step down 😉)

In short this is a final encouragement to members to have a think about what they might be able to do within the club, and if they feel able to help in one of the committee roles please put yourself forward! Paul asked for proposals to go to him by the end of this week, so if you do want to go for something please let him know in the next couple of days!

I won’t reveal any names yet but thanks to those who have already put their hands up and proposed themselves for a position.

Once we have all nominations finalised voting will run throughout March. Please look out for this email from Paul and submit your vote.

A look back

February really was the month of XC with two NESS fixtures. I will repeat the WELL DONE I have been saying for the last two weeks. We really did have a sterling season, lots of PBs, lots of first timers out there, lots of team spirit, a great atmosphere, lots of people baking amazing cakes. I have heard on the grapevine that after seeing our team spirit there may be some people leaving their current clubs to join Bentley, so we can take that as a ringing endorsement of how nice we all are.

Right at the beginning of the month we had our own half marathon (seems like so long ago!). The GBRC half is the life blood of our club, providing funds that allow us to keep subs low for our members and still be able to pay for members’ entry into XC and other events like Ekiden and Wix 5. So it is a heartfelt thankyou to everyone who helped make our half marathon happen, whether that was on the day or in the lead up to it, it all makes a difference.

This month, in addition to XC, we had runners out at the London Winter run, parkruns, our half (of course!), the Great Barrow challenge, the Winter Poppyline run and more. Well done to you all!!

A look ahead

This month there is lots going on! So much so, that I have not looked through the race list as I usually do as I didn’t want to add more words to this newsletter… if you do want to find a race this month I usually use this list to see what’s on.

One race to highlight this month is the Essex Road Relays on 16th March. I have a decent number of names down but always want more! If you do want to run please let me know this weekend (by the 3rd) as I will be putting the team sheet together on Sunday night (what fun!). The relay involves each team member running 5k with a baton and it is all on road. If the wind is with us it is a fast course with PB potential.

On that same evening of 16th we have the Ladies XC meal at Prezzo Colchester. It is now March so Prezzo should be confirming with me shortly the menu we need to use to pre-order from – I will let you know when I have it. The plan is to have an early dinner allowing those that are racing on the 17th to get an earlier night. The table is booked for 6pm, I have asked that they serve starters around 6:15 and mains at 7ish. If you have yet to tell me you want to come please let me know this weekend.

We will be awarding the accolade of XC Runner of the Year at the dinner on Prezzo. I have forwarded the season spreadsheet to the ladies mailing list (if you didn’t receive it please let me know as you will have also missed out on my email about the XC meal!). Thank you to those who have voted so far (sorry if I have not replied but rest assured that your vote has been recorded). Even if you didn’t manage to run an XC event this year please still feel free to vote.

I usually try to keep my role with parkrun separate to my GBRC stuff; but I feel compelled to highlight that tomorrow the new Highwoods parkrun gets underway after a successful test event last week (given how badly this secret was kept I thank the lord the test was a success and the team didn’t have to cancel tomorrow’s launch!). I, personally, will be staying as part of the Colchester Castle Core team so you will still see me there most weeks. However, given the Highwoods course is off-road, and EVEN TOUGHER I would recommend checking it out over the summer to keep those XC legs in tip-top condition. Please note parking is in the Tesco carpark and not on the roads.

GBRC also have the parkrun takeover on 30th March at Mersea. Please can you email Scott if you can take part in that. I know he is looking for pacers so there are roles where you can both volunteer and run if you want.

Finally, a bit of housekeeping – subs will be due from April 1st so please watch out for the email telling you how to pay.

Welcome welcome…

As always welcome to any new ladies this month. I met Lizzie properly back that the start of February at the mile time trial on Friday night – welcome Lizzie, I hope you have been enjoying training so far. If I haven’t met you please come and say hello to me. I try to make Friday and Sunday (if not racing at the weekend) and am often at Colchester parkrun on a Saturday.

I will also celebrate here the return to running of Teresa Jones! Great to see you popping up on the results of Harwich parkrun last weekend Teresa. I hope the recovery is going well and this winter in the wheelchair will soon be behind you.

What an inspiration!

Each month I hope to highlight some ladies that have personally inspired me for the dedication they put into their training, the fears or obstacles they overcome and their courage to take on new challenges:

  • First I highlight the team of Bee, Sue W, and Alison C (and John B!) who ran together at the Tarpley 10. By all accounts they helped each other through the tough miles and finished within a couple of minutes of each other in sub two hours. Well done guys, its fabulous to see our members working together to achieve great things!
  • I also want us all to raise our hands for the four ladies who completed all six XC fixtures this year: Anthea Colsell, Teresa Farmer, Claudia Keitch, and Nicola Laverack (Dawes). For many of these ladies this year was the first (in a long while, or ever!) that they have participated at XC, so it is a truly special achievement that they have managed to complete the set this year. Well done! I hope you are looking forward to next year already…
  • Also pushing the boundaries of what she can achieve is Nina Simmons. This month has seen Nina run further than she has ever run before as she prepares for the London Marathon. Nina won her place at London in the club ballot I think we can all agree that her sensible preparation and her determination to succeed make her a worthy winner of that coveted spot. She was also right on my tail at the 1 mile time trial earlier this month so all that training is also improving her speed… I can’t wait to see what she achieves at London!

Runner of the Month

This month we celebrate a feat of determination and dedication. A while ago this runner came to me and told me they wanted Silver in 20! Since then they have been running distance off road to build stamina and strength; have been doing speed sessions to improve fitness; have had improving runs at XC had a personal best at 15 miles.

The weekend just gone was the test; the Tarpley 20… and she only went and smashed it! With a time of 3:01:08 this lady had a whole three minutes to spare on that Silver and I think should be looking towards a Gold for 2020!

So, in recognition to all of those long runs, the cross country mud, the parkrun sandwiches after a night shift, the late nights being beasted by me and the shear force of will as you ran that last mile 40 seconds faster than mile 19 (yes it is creepy I know this stuff); congratulations Deborah Hollidge, you are Runner of the Month for February 2019!