Merry Christmas….and an early disclaimer!!

Christmas disclaimer starts here…..Its New Years Eve so what better things to do for your race reporting team than write the race report……now this week causes all sorts of problems as there are races all over the place some disguising themselves as weekend races when they happen on a Wednesday and when you have enjoyed the festivities it can get so confusing so here we go I hope I get everything! – disclaimer ends…..

Boxing Day (I think that was a Wednesday!) brought a couple of annual races that are well attended by the GBRC Blue.  Firstly, at Witham its the “I ran my box off” Boxing Day 5 mile race which saw 16 GBRC runners this year including 2 runners who obviously stayed well clear of the turkey and Christmas pudding.  Kathy Bishop not only bagged a superb PB in 38:05 but snagged another club standard this one Gold, also “PB’ing” was Tomasz “wife beater” Komorowski who finished in 37:03 a way ahead of wife Mags (38:48).  There are another couple of standards at this race too Paul Davison (36:15) ran to a Bronze and Sarah Davison ran 38:54 and grabbed herself a Gold standard.

Ray Baggs (33:38) was the first Bentley finisher with Lee Clarkson (35:02), Frank Gardiner (41:55), Jason “Santa” Skelton (42:01), Anna Young (43:07), Debs Hollidge (45:06), Paul Hollidge (45:07), Sue Wright (51:39), Belinda Palmer barnes (51:39), Stewart Baggs (54:45) and Peter Reeve (55:30) also running off the turkey!

[Jason “Santa” Skelton and the Run your Box off crew]

The traditional  clash of the club Runners v Cyclists for the Markham Cup also took place at Friday Woods, Colchester on Boxing Day morning, the senior men ran three laps of the 2,000m course, ladies two laps and the U15’s one lap. There were fwer than usual GBRC runners with David Wright (7th runner) and Malcolm Jarvis in the field that saw the cyclists once again win the cup.

So parkrun has a few times during the year where it is not held on a Saturday morning one of which is Christmas Day (probably Tuesday….), we had quite a large number of people deciding that the best start to the day was to run 5k around their (not so – in some cases) local park.  So it seems that parkrun has now reached Denmark (who knew? – not me obviously until I saw this result) with Rob Dyer running the Amager Fælled parkrun, with the delights of Google translate I can tell you that this parkrun is near Copenhagen and is pretty flat run on gravel and sandy soil providing a pretty fast course which Rob managed to complete in 23:42.

Our very own coach Caroline Searle visited Lymington Woodside parkrun finishing in 27:46 and Emily Zethraeus ran Roundhay parkrun in 25:46. Andy Stephens rounded off our tourists posting 21:13 at Panshanger parkrun which he described as a “great one lap course”. At our local parkruns Colchester Castle saw the largest collection of runners (that brought me to wonder what the collective noun is for GBRC runners – a slice maybe?)  with 15 runners toeing the start line; Paul Davison (21:26), Anna Mills (23:22), Russell Clarke (23:22), Rob Blackman (24:08), Magdalena Komorowska (25:09), Tomasz “not a wife beater” Komorowski (25:12), Kathy Bishop (25:31), Sarah Davison (26:36), Lee Clarkson (27:12), Stephanie Mills (28:01), Paul Hollidge (28:45), Nina Simmons (29:33), Marion Simmons(29:33), Debs Hollidge (30:06) and Belinda Palmer-Barnes (33:34). Whilst over at Harwich Malcolm Jarvis (22:34), Kevin James (23:13), Toni Wilson (24:24) and Sandra James (35:31) ran the prom 5k. Finally over at Ipswich’s Chantry park Ben Ficken and Janice ran 21:21.

image1 (2)[Christmas parkrun at Colchester Castle]

Our juniors didn’t miss the chance for Junior parkrun either with James and Daniel Blacker running the 1500m on grass as it was very slippery in 9:33 and 14:11 respectively.

Saturday bought another opportunity to run parkrun as it is obviously parkrun day and again our runners were out in force Nick Goodman being our (sort of) tourist going over to Kesgrave to run their cross country parkrun in 24:20.  Colchester retained its preferred parkrun status with 18 runners Malcolm Jarvis (21:38), Peter Benton (22:00), Paul Hollidge (22:00), Meera Rajoo-Oakley (23:49), James Royce (24:13), Richard Moor (25:16), Tricia Stacey (25:25), Gemma Camp (25:36), Natalie Warriner (25:38), Anthea Colsell (27:26), Magdalena Komorowska (27:26), Tomasz Komorowski (27:27), Scott Young (27:37), Claudia Keitch (27:43), Fiona Gosling (27:52), Sinead Burgoyne (29:14), James McCullagh (31:27) and Russell Clarke (31:36).

Clacton prom saw Ben Ficken (21:17), Brian Telford (24:07), Rob Dyer (25:16), Dave Jones (28:25), Leoni Harvey (28:26), Alison Clarke (30:28), Emma Welham (31:08), Lynsey Apps (34:43) and tail walker Bev Shortley (55:37) toe the start line.  Meanwhile, on the prom a few miles up the coast at Harwich Kevin James (23:18), Kathy Bishop (23:48), Stephen Walsh (23:53), Sarah Davison (24:05), Paul Davison (24:05), Toni Wilson (24:20), Anna Young (28:04) and Sandra James (37:45) ran their 5k. Finally, Hallie Booty ran the Mersea parkrun around the country park in 25:07.

Sunday again offered the juniors their chance to run and this week we had James Blacker (09:08), Daniel Blacker (13:24), George Jones (15:20), Clara Jones (17:46), Isabella Jones (23:32) and Darcey Jones (24:05) running at Colchester rec.

Well done to everyone and a Happy New Year from all of your race reporters – more of the same to come in 2019!