Men’s Newsletter – February 2018



Hi Gents,

I’ve got to kick off with our XC endeavours, what a fantastic result at Hadleigh to have our top 8 all finish inside the top 40, which I personally have never seen before, and our lowest overall score of the season, puts in a great position to maintain our place in pool A.

We had 23 runners, with virtually every one improving on their previous best positions so far this season, and we now have 9 of you who have ran them all so far.

Great to see Charlie, and Michael back running XC for us and a warm welcome to Mike Deed making his debut on what we knew was tough, but made longer and tougher with the extra hills nicely positioned on the end of each lap, however courses like this always give you a great sense of achievement to complete, and you guys did it in style.

We are not safe yet though, its brilliant to be 4th overall, and we have so far managed to keep ahead of Hadleigh, but there is only 1 point in it. If Springfield turn up at Halstead they will finish strong, I do hope as many of you as possible can attend on the 11th March for the last and my favourite xc race.

It’s an old school race, starts and finishes usually with a lap around the school field with a twisty, undulating, woodland section, which can if it rains turn into a few puddles to tip toe through and often ends up at around 5.5 miles in length on my garmin. I do hope as many of you can once again turn out in mass to finish our season off in style.

The XC meal takes place on the 23rd March, a chance to celebrate your achievements and cast your vote for the XC runner of the year, please advise Luke if you wish to attend.

Elsewhere well done to Adam and Matthew for taking on the national xc course at parliament hill, Paul Blackwell for notching  up number 141, Charlie for an  impressive sub 1:25 half from Charlie, and another solid 10 miler from John Bush at Tarpley.


Looking Ahead

A few big local races coming up, which I’m sure many of you will be attending and I wish you all the very best in the Langham 15, and Colchester half. Fantastic preparation for those planning a spring marathon, and great opportunities to run a pb, and make your mark on the club champs, and don’t forget if you run a race do let Paul Davison know if you think its worthy of a place on the board.



He is rock solid for us at XC having run them all so far and managed to improve his position at each race this year, along with his daughter Angel they have become a great double act for us now for a few years. He doesn’t always find the time to run, but always finds the time to do so for us and has made a valuable contribution to the clubs continued existence in pool A.

Congratulations to Mark Jasper.