May Newsletter


Hi Gents,

A busy month for sure, I hope you have all been enjoying the much improved weather, unfortunately the dial has occasionally gone up at the wrong time, never easy to run well in the sun, especially as we are just not acclimatised for it, let me start with congratulating our marathon runners in May, Gary Hill and Andy Stephens in Edinburgh, the sun always shines for that one, Paul Carlisle, Ben Ficken, Andy again, and Paul Davison who smashed his pb and collected a Bronze standard from the Halstead marathon, and of course Paul Blackwell adding Milton Keynes, and Richmond pk, to an ever-growing and amazing list of 131.

Closer to home Alton water 10k produced a cracking Bronze from the ever improving Tim Ballard. Colchester 10k, see both Paul Davison and Paul Connell hit the silver standard mark, Luke was delighted to go under 50 minutes,  John Ferdinand knocked an impressive 9 minutes off to pb, Neil Robins also managed a pb, Darren Willey and Jack Wicks both ran well, and a big thanks to our pacers Charlie, and Lee helping others to achieve their goals.

The Hatfield six , Scott, John B, Charlie, Luke, John F and Tim took on the popular broad oaks 10k, With Tim getting ever closer to a sub 40, well done guys.

The Witham 5 see Lee, Scott, Graham Clarke, John Bush, and Martin West all flying the Bentley flag, With John also running the Woodbridge 10k, while Frank Gardiner went off road at hylens house 10k. And Rob Blackman is getting ever closer to a Bronze standard with an excellent run in the Manchester 10k.


Micky Edward’s 

A huge thank you to all who have offered to help out and marshal so far, I have also been delighted with the turnouts for these races, watching you all pushing hard to the line and achieving standards and new pb’s always gives me a lot of pleasure when I work through the results.

In particular our two new recruits Andrew White and James Carter both took huge chunks out of their base time, and with Don Welsh also improving by well over a minute, it was a men’s  1,2,3 in heat 2.

Significant improvements have been made by Mark Crittenden, William Thorpe, Frank Gardiner, Brian Telford, Paul Connell, Dave Iddon, Martin West, Luke Groves, Jamie Neil, Mark Jasper, James Mccullagh, and Dave Goldsmith, well done gents, but spare a thought for our superstars champ, in  3 races Phil has  no more than 2 seconds between them all, impressive consistency tinged with a little frustration I would presume, nothing like a 24 hour race on the horizon to shake things up a bit!


Club News

Another excellent trail run of 6.3 miles or maybe 7,  if like me you have a habit of reading ahead of yourself and landing in a bed of nettles, great fun, not ,  but  a lovely day for it. Michael Simmons and Paul Carlisle were 1st home for the men and both lead the overall standings after 2 races, race 3 takes place on the 25th June, Rodger was delighted with the turnout so please keep supporting the efforts he and Eric put in to bring trail running to us all.

Thank you to all who have put themselves forward for Ekiden relay in July, I have 60 names now and will be allocating all to teams very soon. Coming up in June is another Micky Edward’s on the 6th, which falls unfortunately for some after Harwich 24, so best wishes to all who are taking part.

Just a quick reminder especially with so many 5k races on in the summer do make sure you email your times if you think you have achieved a club champs time, and of course let Eric know if you have achieved a standard, he does a great job to keep on top of it.

Outstanding Performance

Paul Davison

Halstead Marathon- Bronze Standard- 3:21:34



Some really great performances and standards achieved by a number of you this month, never an easy choice for Andy and I, however with 2 silver standards at 10k and 5k this month, I’m really pleased with this guys continued progress since joining and his not far from a 5k gold, keep up the excellent running it’s a pleasure to have you on board at Bentley, Congratulations to Paul Connell.