Men’s Newsletter September 2016

September News

Hi Gents,

I do like September for racing, there is something for everyone, with a number of local events, it’s great to see a strong Bentley turnout.

I decided to enter the Langham 5k and was surprised to find out that Eric, Lee, and newcomer Paul Davison had entered both events, and especially delighted that Paul managed to achieve a silver and bronze standard on the same day in two different events, I’m not 100% sure but that must be a Bentley 1st!

The 10k is always noted as being a fast course and with 12 of you running it, some good times and excellent runs were achieved. Dedham is quite the opposite for most and yet Paul Davison finished with a pb, and is getting very close to a silver now. Charlie who had never ran Dedham made the top 20 on a hilly course which I’m sure has 3 hills, or is it 4?

Up north the GNR, with Kevin Stevens, Darren Willey, John Bush and Luke joining them, always a popular event, not sure I would like to work my way through nearly 50,000 people but well done Kev for giving it ago, and well done to Luke for yet another pb.

When it comes to half’s they don’t get much tougher than Ipswich so well done to Lee, Kevin, Derek and Gary for taking on the hilly course. When it comes to challenges I take my hat off to John Booty and Andy Stephens, taking on a 50 miler, and a 50k ultra in quite extreme circumstances takes some doing.

And finally I will finish with Mr Blackwell; I’ve lost count of how many marathons this month. But he is starting to make the ridiculous seem normal, with 4 marathons on the trot, and back to back in the same day, amazing achievements and now only a few weeks away from the century, keep going Paul so close now.

Club News

Along with Paul, we have two other new members, Jem Gibson and Tim Ballard, so please give them a warm Bentley welcome. The final trail run takes place on October 26th this one is on a Wednesday night, in Clacton, so please attend in your masses and support Rodger.

Wix 5 is on the horizon, along with a brand new race that Russ has kindly set up around Bromley on the 23rd, so please turn up on the day for a fast, flat 10 miler, or if you can’t run then please offer to help marshal and let Russ know asap.

And now we have lost our evening sunlight, please ensure you have hi visibility clothing and a head torch available if needed on evening training sessions.


Again some very good performances from a number of you this month, but for me this guy has been getting better and better since he joined back in the spring, a great time achieved at Langham, just 2 seconds short of a silver standard, and then to run a sub 1:40 half on a very hilly Ipswich course, a local to Bentley, modest, and excellent runner, congratulations to Gary Parker.