Mens Newsletter – November

Just a brief ramble this month, I don’t remember November being this quiet. In that context I feel this month’s runner of the month is apt. Have you tissues ready…..

The race with what has to be one of the best finishers’ medals took place on Remembrance Sunday at Stebbing. Well done to Luke Groves on another significant pb performance. The same day, Don and Gary had a day at the seaside taking in the air, which blew at them with gale force, at the Bexhill Poppy Half.

The previous day, a small party of what I can only describe as nutjobs, ran the King’s Forest 50K near Bury (St Edmunds, not Bury, Lancs for you geography fans). The website describes the course as ‘fast’. Really???! Anyway, the pick out performance was Charlie where’s the bathroom Keitch who finished in 4th place overall. I suppose on a trail \ forest run the bathroom can be wherever you want it to be.

Next on the agenda was the unbridled joy that is cross country – yay! Stand out performance again was from Mr November, Craig who in pushing himself up the all-time top 10, made a new best friend of Chris by knocking him off the list.  A good turnout in terms of numbers but it shows what we are up against this year where the men finished 6th overall in spite of only being 2 men who normally get points down and bringing some rubbish old vet out of Xc retirement to make up the numbers. Please continue to turn out for these races, it’s more important than ever this as although we have both lost and gained some outstanding runners, other clubs seem to have upped their game. Remember, if it’s wearing a vest that contains black you have to beat it.

The final leg of the Essex and GBR Club champs series took place in Chelmsford-on-sea. Conditions were pretty atrocious but it didn’t stop Russ aquaplaning himself to an outstanding 37:15. Great to see the man with the biggest happiest smiliest face at the Club getting back to his best form. Good to see Keiron and Graham Clarke running so well and thanks to Darren Horner who paced Fizzy around on his first 10k. I think anyone who ran and won their age group should actually get a duathlon certificate for what seemed more like a run \ swim event at times.

And now for runner of the month. Quite appropriate for me that in a quiet month I have chosen a quiet man.

This person has been with the Club for the best part of a decade (if it’s even longer, I humbly apologise). In my time he’s never won a race but always tries as hard as he possibly possibly can. This applies to both his running and training. People at the back need encouragement when they run but, people at the front and the middle do to. There is only one person I know who is, with the very greatest of respect because of his effort, nearer the back than the front who, without fail, will speak words of encouragement to every runner, fast or slow. Personally it makes a huge difference to me. This person is kind, considerate, humble, solid and reliable. He has had a tough time lately and has poured his heart out in mail and messages but whenever you see him face to face, is the same, lovely man with a good word for everyone and who cares about others.

I am not very good with words so I will just finish by asking you to give a huge metaphoric pat on the back to Don Welsh.


Tip time…

Simple one to end the year.

You’ve run hard all year, you’ve sacrificed a lot for your sport. So just for a short time, eat, drink and be merry.

A little time for reflection we end the year with:

A world Duathlon champion

A no 2 (by 7 damn seconds) UK 2014 age ranking

8 new top 10 all time gbrc performances

First race won by a Bentley man in 7 years

And too many standards, pb and all round amazing performances to mention as it’s nearly Christmas.

Happy Christmas everyone, thanks for putting up with all my cr@p in the short time I’ve been your Captain. Most of you probably don’t know who the hell I am anyway! Watch this space for some breaking news in January………