Men’s Newsletter – October

I can only start this newsletter with the words Clive Jones – legend.

I apologise for the humour bypass this month but you guys have let me down by being sensible in your running for the most part, and saying things to wind me up!! Actually, I’m feeling more than a little lonely…..

Usual caveat that I don’t simply rehash Marion’s fantastic race reports, so don’t fret if you don’t get a mention here. Unless you want longer newsletters? Meh, thought not.

October kicked off with another round of the Essex and GBRC Championship races, this time the 10 mile race at Tiptree.

Well done to the following club champions:

Russ Sharp – Male Senior

Phil Presland – MV 40

Paul Carlisle – MV 50 (Grrrrr)

Frank Gardiner – MV 55

Kieron Hayes – MV 60

John McKay – MV 65


And well done to another hatful of pbs – Darren Horner, Phil Presland and he who will no longer be named but you know who he is.

While a large contingent enjoyed the Essex sunshine and lovely hill at 8.5 miles, a smaller raiding party headed north (well more northish) to tackle the Peterborough half. Of the 5 men who took part, there were gold standard runs for each of them together with 4 pbs and 2 all time top 10 half marathon performances. A truly special day for the individuals and the Club. Just glad the Horners weren’t there too as we’d probably all still be crying now.

While all this fun was going on, Luke Groves also managed a half pb, for the pedants amongst you, a whole pb for a half marathon, at the Royal Parks run.

Shawn and Jamie went for a short stroll over the weekend of the 11th and 12th October. However, disappointed that they managed one mile less on the second day. Man up!

Wix followed shortly after with the next round of the Club champs and annual GBRC flashmob of the Harwich organised event. Special thanks to those who arrived (very) early to help our seaside cousins with car parking arrangements.

More pbs in the process from Malcolm Jarvis, Luke Groves, John Bush and Marzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Great stuff considering the conditions were far from ideal.

And well done to the Club Champions (and many apologies if these are incorrect):

Dave Goldsmith – MV 40

Michael Simmons – MV 45

NOT Paul Carlisle – MV 50

Frank Gardiner – MV 55

Kevin James – MV 60

Graham Clarke – MV 65

Michael Sommerlad – MV 70+

I have to say it was fantastic to see Michael running and huge thanks to a selfless run from Chris Warren who ran with Michael on the day, I know that was really appreciated.

On the same day a few men took the easy way out and ran the Chelmsford marathon. Patrick Reynolds is adamant that he was one of the 55% who ran the full distance after some farcical marshalling leaving many runners completing just 23 miles. I think I believe him, but 3:37 is fab, well done.

October ended with the first cross country of the season at Notley Park. Everyone did themselves and the club proud. I need to just take a halt here and explain something important. The first 8 men across the line comprise the score the team achieves. However, even if you are the 9th or 39th Bentley man home, if you beat the 8th runner from another club you have taken a point off them. So remember, every man has a role to play, irrespective of placing within the club ranks on the day. So next time, if you see a black and white or black and yellow vest in front of you, chase it down and make a difference. Every place counts.

Missing running 75 miles in 2 days, Jamie Neil thought he’d downsize with a 5k pb followed by a decent 10 mile time the next day.

Now to Runner of the Month for October. Tough choice this month again. So many pb and standards. Close call for Luke Groves who had a great month, joking apart, Martin Owen, Phil Presland and Darren Horner had another great month too.

However, for his fantastic run at Peterborough to claim a place on the GBRC top 10, following it up at Braintree Xc with a joint top 10 and for running as hard as he can during every training session, my Runner of the Month for October is Craig Warriner. Peterborough was even more remarkable because Craig’s 10K split would have put him 3rd on the GBRC all time list for 10K!! I just hope this doesn’t make Natalie explode with excitement. Well done Craig, great running and well deserved by another thoroughly nice and over modest guy.


Tip time….

This month includes some recaps for which I apologise but I think worth doing so having watched the recent cross country. When running up hill, it’s really important to maintain a good upright posture. It’s the last thing you probably want to do, most people lean forward to the point that their torso is parallel to the hill. All this does is kill any momentum and compresses your lungs so that you end up more breathless. Posture is a vital part of running never moreso than on hills. Unless you live in a bungalow like us old folk, you can practice posture by walking upstairs. Try and keep your body in a perpendicular position. Walk up the stairs on the balls of your feet so that you propel yourself up rather than stomping on flat feet.

The other key to running up hill is relaxation. Although arms play a bigger part in running up hill than at other times, they are still there primarily for balance. You still need to drive through your hips which you can only do if you are upright or lean forward slightly from the ankles. Think ‘run tall’, head up looking at the top of the hill or certainly parallel to the horizontal, drop your shoulders slightly, occasionally shake your arms out and importantly (here’s a profound cliché) ‘Remember the Raspberry’.

Finally, a few of us have paced other GBRC runners around races recently. I’d urge everyone to try this at some point. It’s great to achieve things on your own but there is nothing like the feeling of running with someone and watching them achieve their goals and ambitions. So if you know someone who wants a pb or that elusive next or first standard, think about keeping them company. If you want proof of this, just think back to seeing young Michael Sommerlad and Chris Warren coming home together at Wix and how please, satisfied and downright happy they looked. Money can’t buy that.