Rodger’s Trail Run Series – leg 2

As promised Sunday proved to be yet another challenging, but enjoyable trek across the Essex/Suffolk Countryside. As we entered the car park at Rodbridge, Long Melford we were greeted by Rodger and a medieval sized table full of food and drink. After collecting our instructions and prising ourselves away from the banana cake and coffee, we headed out. The first part of the course was on road, so we settled in to the run nicely whilst enjoying the cooler weather. The instructions were easy to follow as we negotiated our way through brambles, nettles, fields (home to some scary looking cows!) and across numerous stiles and bridges. Around mid-morning the sun broke through which made the course even tougher. We were relieved to get to the second page of instructions, because it meant that we were half way and Rodger had been kind enough to put out water at certain points. Once hydrated we carried on with the job in hand, which was to make it back before all the cake had been eaten! After a few wrong turns and lengthy discussion about who was going to read the instructions to get us back in one piece, we eventually spotted the familiar bridge signalling that we had made it around the 10-11 mile (country miles according to Rodger – actually 13 give or take) course. There was enough food and drink to feed the Waltons! Thanks to Rodger Alexander for once again doing a cracking job of organising the series.


Results for this leg are:


Joint 1st Tonie Wilson 2h-17m-12s 100pts

Trish Stacey 2h-17m-12s 100pts

3rd Lesley Fuller 2h-46m-12s 98pts


Joint 1st Ben Ficken 2h-05m-42s 100pts

Patrick Reynolds 2h-05m-42s 100pts

Joint 3rd Paul Carlisle 2h-08m-11s 98pts

Graham Semple 2h-08m-11s 98pts

5th Eric Shaw 2h-17m-12s 96pts

Joint 6th Martin Owen 2h-46m-29s 95pts

Andy Fuller 2h-46m-29s 95pts

8th Gary Hill 3h-16m-15s 93pts

9th Mark Crittenden 3h-16m- 38s 92pts

Report by Lesley Fuller.