Club Championships and More.

Wednesday 16th July saw Great Bentley Running Club host their club championship 5k race from Great Bentley Village Hall. Age group winners were Junior Male Michael Oates (22:57),

Junior Female Katie Presland (22:59), Male Senior Ben Ficken, (17:50) Female Senior Natalie Stewart (24:24), Female 35 Lesley Fuller, Male 40 Chris Warren, (17:34) Female 40 Steph Horner (22:03), Male 45 Michael Simmons (18:36), Female 45 Anna Lyon (24:30), Male 50 Clive Thomas (18:46), Female 50 Sue Thomas (27:27), Male 55 Frank Gardiner (25:26), Female 55 Tonie Wilson (23:37), Female 60 Rita Page (35:24), Male 60 Kevin James (22:54), Male 65 Graham Clark (22:44) and Female 70 Barbara Law (29:14). Other runners were Charlie Keitch (18:11), Russ Sharp (18:27), Dave Goldsmith (18:31), Liam Forbes (19:35), Patrick Reynolds (19:59), Rob Thorpe (20:05), Darren Horner (20:11), Malcolm Jarvis (20:13), Ray Baggs (20:17), Phil Presland (20:25 PB), Scott Crawley (21:17), Paul Carlisle (21:22), Kevin Stevens (21:31), Jamie Neill (21:31), Dave Hall (22:14), Michael Belton (22:37), Martin Owen (23:08), Andy Fuller (23:11), Eric Shaw (23:49), Michael Clark (24:14), Keiran Hayes (24:25), Harvey Lyon (24:30), Martin West (24:46), Lex Carlisle (25:37), Jodie Chippendale (25:51), Mark Crittendon (26:06), Claire Reynolds (26:22), Louise Davies (27:08), Sue Sorrell (27:17), Claire Groves (27:24), Stuart Baggs (28:30), Lyndsay Horton (28:37), Peter Reeve (29:55), Sandra James (32:24), Luke Groves (32:26), Ruth Myers (34:32), Dave Nugent (35:12) and Joanne Thorpe (42:48).

Phil Presland and Charlie Keitch took part in the Standard Chartered Great City race on the 10th July. This 5k race takes place around closed off streets in the City of London and around 6000 runners entered this year’s event. Presland took 21:51, Keitch 18:19
On July 13th Chris Hayes and Jason Bennett ran the British 10k, also in London, taking 1:03:39 and 55:42 respectively. Bennet ran the last 2k with a badly swollen ankle after treading on a discarded water bottle. Chris Hayes also ran the Harwich 5k on 8th July in 27:14. >
Barbara Law, 70, ran Felstead 10k on a warm and humid Sunday 13th July, finishing in 59:42.

Charlie Keitch also took on the Maldon Parkrun on the 19th July, coming home in second place in 18:51.

Mud and mayhem was the order of the day on Saturday 19th July, as the Muddy 5k took place in Brightlingsea, with runners navigating ditches and obstacles over a tough course in the river estuary. Dave Goldsmith was 7th man home in 25:20, followed by Paul Carlisle 29:23, Wiilow Carlisle 33:15, Gary Hill 1:13:05, Mark Crittendon 1:13:23 and Kevin Hatton 1:13:30.