Micky Edwards 2022 H3 Race Report


Wednesday 22nd June – 3rd handicap

Third handicap of the series was attended by 33 runners and over half improved their times. Well done – very impressive!
At the finish line we were pleasantly surprised to see Alison Clarke crossing the line way ahead of everyone else with nearly 3 minutes improvement over her previous time. Second most improved runner was Chris Pargin closely followed by Dave Jones. They both improved over a minute.

Top 3 fasted male times: Doug McGillivray (17:05), Mark Jasper (17:37), Harry Swinbourne (17:41)
Top 3 fasted female times: Lisa Briggs (22:22), Grainne Hallahan (22:57), Meera Rajoo-Oakley (23:15)

After three handicaps Paul Hughes has moved from 3rd to top position with 271 points followed by Doug McGillivray (247) and Brian Telford (240).
At ME series only the top 3 scores for each runner are taking into the final total score. Therefore these who did not score or did not take part in one of the races still have a fighting chance. Every improved second counts. Hope to see many of you on the last one.

Small print:

These races are for any Great Bentley Club members. The more the merrier.  It’s a great chance to test yourself on the flat course or catch up with your fellow runners post-race.

These races are not possible without marshals.
Thank You very much to those who marshalled so far.
If any of you is interesting in helping out please contact Fraser at fraser@thisisbosh.com