Training 13th March to 19th March

This week’s sessions have been sent by Caroline, so please check your inbox to see what is on the offer. Notes from Caroline:

I hope you have had a good week. Please remember to continue to wear high vis and have a light if possible whilst we await more daylight hours!
This week we have our usual spread of training sessions. Look out for Thursday’s track session information from Paul A, as it will further explain the fun they have planned for you all! On Friday, Vicky will be looking for a route that allows everyone to be back and on their way to work/home with in the hour so that 9am starts are not missed. It is good to see so many of you getting your running shoes on bright and early.
I also wanted to put in a plug for the Essex 5km road relays which are happening at the Northern Gateway Track on Sunday 10th April from about 10:20 – 2pm, with the relays starting at 12pm. Meera is collecting names for this so that we can make up ladies teams of 3 and for men, 4 men (3 if vets). Everyone is welcome to take part (first claims), it doesn’t matter what pace you are, each and every one of you has something to give. The club pay for your entry, so it would be really good to see all that good winter training being put to good use – the parkrun times and training performances from you all have been great. Meera is collecting names, so email her: she needs to hear from you by the 1st April.

High Vis/Reflective clothing and lights are needed.

Sessions will still be on doodle poll. If a session has no takers, the leader can cancel the day before the session is due to take place. Please try to support these sessions as much as possible. If you can not find a link to current doodle poll please contact Mags at

For training outline for Winter please click here (PDF)

Please note: No ipods or music devices to be worn during any training sessions

Sunday 13th March

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Friday 18th March