Training 23th January to 29th January

This week’s sessions have been sent by Caroline, so please check your inbox to see what is on the offer. Notes from Caroline:

Sorry for the delay this week. The poll has two sessions on Sunday, Barbara is offering a training session at Hilly Fields at 9am, and Fraser has a run from Chanterelle carpark – trails probably recommended for both!
** UPTADE – Fraser run from Chanterelle carpark will be on road **

Hills on Mondays really help build strength and stamina, XC might not always be hilly, but each one offers a portion of mud, for which you need to have strength in your legs.

Paul A and Fraser have put together a series of Thursday training sessions which will allow you to keep an eye on your performance. This week I am taking a long interval training session as we have the 1000m track. The following week will involve a base line Cooper Test which will then be repeated 8 weeks later. The sessions in between will be working on your stamina and looking to increase your endurance pace. There is no pressure to attend every week, but it will be a good opportunity to get an idea of how training is assisting your running.

High Vis/Reflective clothing and lights are needed now it is dark.

Sessions will still be on doodle poll. If a session has no takers, the leader can cancel the day before the session is due to take place. Please try to support these sessions as much as possible. If you can not find a link to current doodle poll please contact Mags at

For training outline for Winter please click here (PDF)

Please note: No ipods or music devices to be worn during any training sessions

Sunday 23rd January

Sunday 23rd January

Monday 24th January

Monday 24th January

Wednesday 26th January

Thursday 27th January